How to Open a Google Adwords account from Blogspot Blog?

Recently Google is concentrating more on its Blogger service. It has introduced Google Adsense integration earlier. Later they introduced Search Preference option for blogger blogs. Now, its Adwords Campaign integration that was recently introduced.

You will learn How to Open a Google Adwords account from Blogspot Blog in this post. You can also create a Adwords account by visiting their website However, now integrating Adwords with Blogger is made easy with a single click.


How to Open a Google Adwords Account

How to Create a Google Adwords Account from Blogspot Blog:

Step 1: Login to your Blogger Account
Step 2: Select the option “Campaign” in the dropdown menu again the blog you prefer to add Google Adwords to.

Adwords Campaign Blogger

Adwords Campaign Blogger

Adwords Campaign Blogger

Step 3: Click on “Start Now” button.

E Info Book Sign up for Adwords from Blogger
E Info Book Sign up for Adwords from Blogger

It will direct you to the Adwords home page. You are done now and you can use Adwords program to drive traffic to your sites.

How Does Google Adwords Work?

The google adwords logic is very simple, yet very powerful. In fact, the  maximum revenue is generated from Google Advertisement Program. Google adwords is a paid program where any business owner can signup and display ads on google network. The agreement between google and the business owner may be of different types like pay per click, pay per view and more. Based on the budget of the business owner and the amount of visitors directed to their site, the adwords campaign will be set. Google has very strong tracking system that can track fraudulent activity. If the business owners are charged due to fraudulent activity,  the amount will be refunded to their adwords account.

What is The Difference Between Google Adwords and Adsense?

If you are new to Google Advertisement Programs, you must understand the difference between Google adwords and adsense. In simple terms, Google adwords are for business owners who are looking forward to expand their business and products with the help of Google. Google adsense is the program for bloggers, publishers and website owners where google offers an opportunity to generate income by selling their website space for advertisements.

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