Google Opinion Rewards [6 Things You Should Know]

Hey App Lover,

I hope you might have heard about one of the innovative survey app launched by Google recently. I am exactly referring to Google Opinion Rewards. 

If you have heard about it earlier, I am sure you have the app installed on your smartphone right now. If not, You can have the same installed in few minutes.

Download Google Play Opinion Rewards App

If you are new to installing apps on your Android device, the following exclusive posts will help you. You can install and participate in a survey in next 10 minutes. (Includes Step By Step Instruction for beginners).

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I hope you have the opinion rewards app installed on your android phone. A hearty welcome to the GOR team.

Based on the experience I had or continue to have with GOR, I have personally crafted this blog post with utmost care.

There are 6 points you need to ponder with respect to Rewards Application.

Why No Surveys on Google Opinion Rewards?

If you are using it and wondering why no surveys are being sent, it clearly means that you did not understand the basic principles of how the Google surveys work.  You must ensure that the basic survey is completed with correct answers. If the answers to the first eligibility surveys or not correct Google will not send you any surveys.

Apart from the basic service,  your mobile device settings,  the navigational options Google Maps, your traveling activity,  shopping activity and more or utilized to send you personalized surveys.

1. How to Change Language in Rewards App

At this time, it seems there are no settings in Google Opinion App to change or add another language. It may be available in the application in future, however, there is no exact time frame for when it will be available.

If there is any other option to configure language information for any other Apps, please let us know using the comment section below. We will be glad to hear from you.

2. Hack for Receiving More Surveys

This particular reward program by Google is one of the genuine revenue making an option. Trying to cheat the app algorithm in any other means is not a healthy advice.

I was researching for few tips and I found the video by Nev’s Tech Bits about Google Rewards.

Apart from the information shared in the above video, the below-mentioned ideas may also help to increase the possibility of getting more surveys.

Hacks on How to Get More Surveys?

Hack 1: Enable GPS Tracking

This mobile application uses GPS tracking information to supply highly relevant surveys. So it is important that you have a GPS enabled handset to make the best revenue out of opinion reward application.

How to Activate GPS Tracking on Android Phone?

In order to make this one working, you need to have your Location tracking option enabled on your smartphone.  you can enable this by following the steps given below:

  1. Open the Apps menu on your phone
  2. Tap on settings
  3. Look for locations options and tap on it
  4. Scroll down until you see Google Location settings
  5. Now travel the button to turn it off or on

Hack 2: Youtube Search History

Google opinion rewards app uses your activity on YouTube especially about those videos that you have searched. The type of video that you frequently watch or the category in which it falls into becomes a very good signal to express your area of interest.

Those business people who are targeting your area of interest can easily take this option to advertise their products in front of you. Few businesses may sign up for Google survey program and you may end up receiving a survey regarding the same.

Hence, youtube search history Plays a major role in sending you related surveys.

Hack 3: Google Account Settings

The basic Google account settings are used for finding the relevant surveys for any user.  so it is a great idea to have these Google settings configured in the right way:

    1. Gender – Please update the right gender. Updating the gender just because of receiving more surveys will lead to account termination. Considering incorrect information.  the surveys that are offered based on gender are exclusively used for business research purposes and gender represented as a survey is always not a correct data for any business to grow and no business will depend on service offered by Google.  so it is important to update the correct gender.


  • Enable GPS while traveling –  it’s a good practice to have your GPS enabled every time not only during the time of travel. The places that you visit and the type of travels that you book is going to be considered for sending you surveys.
  • Location Mode in High Accuracy ModeSetting up your location in high accuracy mode gives you a more opportunity to surveys.


Hack 4: Editing Google Account Profile

The profile information of your Google account is very very important. It is used for giving you personalized Google services.

For example,  if you have updated your interest area like food, travel;  then Google considers your profile for sending you surveys related to travel and food industries.  You may receive the survey and end up making a small amount of money.

3. Is Google Rewards Available in My Country?

The rewards program is available only in few countries. They are

– India

– Singapore and

– Turkey

This mobile application is yet to be launched in other countries. Even though Google has a plan to expand this program to other countries. We do not have the exact time frame of when this feature will be available. As the demand for this Android application is increasing it may be available in other countries very soon.

4. How Often You Receive Surveys

In general, service is sent frequently. It is not necessary that you need to receive a survey every day.  the frequency of service you receive is completely dependent on your travel activities, Google account settings,  features available on your phone.

Please note that Google opinion rewards program is not a get rich quick program. It is a reward program offered for your opinions.  the rewards cannot be encashed.  you can only be used for shopping on Google Play services like  Google apps,  Google books,  Google movies, Google music,  Google Newsstand  Google devices.  

5. Is it Possible to Use Web Version of GOR?

As of now the service is not available as web application they are available only as Android mobile application.  you need to have an Android device with this application installed along with a Google account.

6. Is It Compatible with My Device?

It is compatible with all Android operating system with version 4.1 and above.  if you still have a doubt whether this application will support your device or not I strongly suggest you to open Google Play Store on your mobile phone. Search for “Google opinion rewards” on your Play Store window. If you can install this application then it supports your phone. If not your mobile phone is not compatible with this mobile application.

Google Opinion Rewards Conclusion

Google opinion rewards is overall a wonderful application offered by Google. It helps both the Businessman and end user.

The Businessman can understand his business disability and also his requirement in front of those people looking forward to his service.

The same way the end user’s also can express their opinion and feedback about the products and services. This helps the business to grow better and understand its target customers in detail.

This application can be used for making pocket money where we can redeem only in Google Play Store. It is a wonderful application to convert your traveling activity your shopping activity,  your social media activity to make little money.

I have personally used mobile application for last 6 months and made around few dollars. I’ve used this money to make a purchase on Google books,  I purchased the pro version of android video editor. I have rented some movies online.

Overall it’s a productive tool to use our and productive time on different Technologies.

Amudhakumar is a passionate blogger and writes for He graduated from Sainik school and holds a Bachler’s Degree in computer science. Holds 6 years of experience in leading MNC’s like Accenture, CSS Corp, and Amazon India.

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