What is Google Hangouts Program?

We all know very well that google offers several free programs that are on par with technology. In the direction of going digital, all the programs launched by google are a great assistant.  We are going to explore about Google hangouts program now.

About Hangouts

Google hangouts is a freeware available as a web app for computers, as a mobile app for android and Apple devices. Google hangouts program was initially launched on ‎May 15, 2013. It is a software classified under instant messaging app, can be used to send and receive text messages (SMS), emoji, place videos calls, conference calls and more.

Google hangouts also include VoIP features and introduced by merging the features of apps using Google Talk, GPlus messenger, and Hangouts. The Google Plus messenger was known as huddle earlier. To explain in simple terms, all the three products that were merged are google products. Hence, they launched Google Hangouts Program.

Google Hangouts How Does it Work?

As Google hangouts is a VoIP application and a google’s product, you can access the service from any device where you are logged in with the particular google account. If you are currently on a video conferencing call on your computer, you can switch to video calls on your android or iPhone. The same works with teleconference option too.

You can use hangouts using the following options:

  • From the website www.hangouts.google.com
  • Gmail, or Inbox by Gmail
  • Google+
  • Google Contacts
  • the Hangouts Chrome extension
  • the Hangouts Chrome app

In order to use your own phone number to place calls and send SMS, you need to verify your phone number. Once verified, anyone with your phone number on their contacts can contact you via hangouts. Maximum of 10 people can take part in your conference calls. You can have face to face videos calls with 9 other users.

How to Install Hangouts App?

Hangouts app can be installed in multiple ways on multiple devices. To use the same feature on a computer you can visit hangouts.google.com. If you are using a chrome browser, you can download and install hangouts app from google chrome store. You can also install the app on your latest IE (Internet Explorer) and Mozilla Firefox browsers. With the help of google account login credentials, you can start using hangouts service. You can use hangouts in Gmail and it is automatically turned on. Just login to Gmail accounts and allow the access to computer’s camera and mike.

On Android Device, iPhone, and iPad:

  1. On your Android device, iPhone and iPad open the Hangouts app .
  2. At the bottom right, tap Add Add.
  3. Tap New Conversation.
  4. Type the person’s name, and select them from the search results.
  5. Type your message and tap Send Send.


If you have used used google hangouts program, we truly respect your opinion. We are glad to hear from your about your experience in using hangouts app on your computer, android or apple mobile or in your internet browser.

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