Download Google Adsense App for Android/iOS/Windows/Blackberry Mobile

What is Google Adsense App?

Google Adsense App is a mobile application launched for android and iOS devices using cross platform mobile development. It helps the members of google adsense program to check their earnings reports on the go. The users need to use the same google adsense account login that they use for adsense web app. Having been said that you should not be confused with Admob (google adsense for mobile apps). Admob is a advertisement service for mobile ad platform. We are discussing about the tracking app used to monitor the google adsense earnings.

The apps for windows in app store and blackberry users are not available in blackberry world at this point in time. However, they can use third party apps to check their perfomance report. I have discussed the alternatives in detail in the bottom of this post.

How to Download Google Adsense Mobile Application?

Downloading Google Adsense App on your mobile device is very easy. It is similar to downloading any other mobile apps. It can be downloaded by anyone who has android or iOS device. However, only the approved google adsense program partner can access it.

2 Ways to Download Google Adsense App for Android

Adsense app for android can be downloaded from Google Play Store in two methods. Before, juping into the steps, let me throw some light on compatible android version and storage capacity required. You need to have version android 4.0 and above (Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly bean, KitKat, lollipop, android marshmallow and Nougat). Any other version less than 4.0 is not supported. The minimum available storage must be 4.8 MB.

Option 1: When you have access to your phone and the internet

If you have your smartphone handy with access to the internet (GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3G,4G), you can install the application by following the below steps:

Menu Tray –> Google Play Store –> Search for “Google Adsense” –>  Install

The AdSense application downloads and installs on your phone automatically. If it shows insufficient storage, please remove or uninstall any other application that is not required.

You can watch this Video tutorial on downloading and installing Google Adsense App:


Option 2: Installing Google Adsense App from Computer or PC

You can install the Google Adsense Application remotely from any computer/Laptop/PC. However, the eligibility criteria for installing the application remains intact. Here we go:

Visit Google Play Store –> Search for “Google Adsense” –> Click “Install”

Installing Google Adsense App from Computer or PC

Installing Google Adsense App from Computer or PC

2 Ways to Download Google Adsense iOS App

Similar to the above-mentioned steps, there are two ways you can download and install Google Adsense iOS App. The AdSense iOS App is compatible with the devices with iOS 7.0 and above. You can download the apps on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The file size for iOS application is 28.3 MB.

Option 1: Install from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

From your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch search for app store or iTunes store. In the search box, enter the keyword “Google Adsense“, from the suggested list, please select Google Adsense Application and install it.  if you are looking for different solution, you may install iphone apps without app store.

Option 2: Install Adsense iOS App from Computer/Laptop/PC

The second option is to install iOS app from computer/laptop/pc. The requirements to install the app from pc are same. The only option is you need to have access to internet connection.

From your computer, visit iTunes Store. In the search box, search for “Google Adsense iOS App“. Select the correct app from dropdown list. Now, click on install and you are done. The app  will be installed on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

How to Install Google AdSense App for Windows Phone?

At this time, there is no official adsense app for windows phone. Hence, you will not be able to install it. However, there are few alternatives with which you can check your AdSense revenue.

Option 1: Using third party Softwares

You can buy the third party soft wares like Adsense Console, WP Adsense, AdSense Pro and Adsense Statistics.

Adsense Console is a dashboard tool that shows your Google AdSense account’s income, CTR (Click Through Rate), CPC (Cost Per Click) and RPM (Rate Per 1000 Impressions) and clicks for today, yesterday, this month and last month. Also, supports Windows Live Tile to deliver this information.

WP Adsense is a windows phone Adsense Dashboard. Using which you can view your Daily , Yesterday and Current Month Adsense Earnings along with its Click Through Rate, RPM , Cost Per Click and Page Views.

AdSense Pro is a fast way to access your AdSense account reports and earnings using a touch enabled interface. Besides a quick view using the Dashboard, AdSense Pro also provides complex reports and charting for Channels, Products, Ad Unit, Size, Format, Bid Type, Buyer Network, Details ,etc. All the reports can be customized for any date range.

Adsense Statistics: As you know Admob has supported for developers on the Windows phone 8 platform, so this application will help you can view your revenue statistics. Adsense Statistics Provides overview over critical AdSense (Admob revenue) performance metrics, including CTR, page views, clicks, cost per click, page RPM and estimated revenue, in easily-digestible form.

Option 2: Using Mobile Browser and Adsense Mobile URL

  • Open your mobile web browser
  • Visit Google Adsense
  • You will be redirected to mobile version of AdSense website.
  • Login with your google account details

You are done. You can check your google adsense performance at time from any device.

How Can I Download Google AdSense App for Blackberry?

Very recently, a friend of mine received blackberry 10 as a gift from his relative. He inquired to me whether he can install google adsense app. I told him, you can download and install the Google AdSense APK for Blackberry. It is similar to android application in the look and appearance. The official mobile app is not available in blackberry world. The alternative option is to use your mobile browser and visit Google Adsense mobile website.

How to Track our Adsense Earning Using Adsense Mobile Application?

Now that you have installed Google AdSense Mobile application on your device. Let us see how we can track our AdSense earning using AdSense mobile app. From your phone menu tray, please navigate to Google Adsense Mobile App. Open the app and you will be prompted for an google account. Select the account to which the AdSense account is associated to. Now, click on the “Estimated Earnings Tab“. It will show you the current earning for the day.

Can I Track the Youtube Earning Report using Adsense Mobile App?

No. You will not be able to track the revenue generated in youtube partner program. The youtube program is a separate option called Hosted Account for Youtube. You need to download the studio app for tracking the revenue generated from youtube.

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