Is There Gmail Login Help Phone Number Available?

Gmail login help phone number will be great during any login issues related to the account. However, the Gmail customer care number is not displayed proactively. We also need to understand that google provides phone support, email support, forum support and chat support. But not for all products. In this situation, Google does not provide support for free services. However, if you are using G-Suite, you will receive live support because it is a paid service.

What is G-Suite?

G-Suite is a set of google services that are provided on paid services. Any start-up business can upload their data to google cloud services. I suggest you read my blog post: Google Apps for Work Review Complete Package of Cloud-Based Service.

For the customers with Google Apps for Business, the services like phone, email, and chat supports are available 24/7.

How to Contact Gmail Customer Care Number?

To contact google for free services, we need to proceed via Google Contact Us Page. However, you will not get the customer care phone number. You will be taken to Gmail Help portal. The support is available for the Gmail for Android, Gmail for Desktop and Gmail for iPhone and iPad.

From the contact, us page, select the service for which you need support. The logos of each service like Chrome, Youtube, Google Play, My Account, Maps for Mobile, Gmail, Adsense, Adwords, Search, Drive, Nexus, and Hangouts will be displayed.

Google Contact Us Page
Google Contact Us Page

Select “Gmail” from the above option. You will be taken to the Gmail help center. You can select the corresponding help article and get the answer. I also found that there are 800 numbers, toll-free and google customer care numbers are available in the internet. However, they may not be the real numbers as google does not offer such service for free products. If you try to reach such services, yo may be a victim of cyber theft.

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