How to Insert Images in Gmail Email Content Instead of Attaching It

Gmail  is an another application we are using in our day to day life for sending and receiving emails.

One day we were having some good time in office by sharing few funny moments.

During that one of my colleague was checking her email and was wondering how to add a greeting image as a content in the Gmail instead of  attaching it.

Only, during that time we figured out how to insert images in email content in Gmail instead of attaching.

I have provided the steps below so that you will be able to add the image to the content instead of attaching it.

Note: Earlier, we need to click on the Gear button and select the settings page and enable the image insert option under the tab called Lab. Now, Gmail has provided the option in the compose window itself.

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Detailed Steps to Insert Images Into Gmail

Step 1: Login to your Gmail account by visiting the link

Step 2:  After logging on to Gmail, Click on the Compose button that is available on the left side top menu.

Step 3: A pop up window will appear that will ask for the to email address and the Subject line. Scroll  to the bottom and place the cursor on the “+” symbol and the more options will open.

Step 4: Select the button with the Camera icon. You will get a pop up window asking to browse a file from computer or from a third party website:

Step 5: Click on Browse and you will be taken to your computer hardware location where the image or source file is located. Select the image and click on Open button:

Step 6: The image is now ready to open in new window of Gmail. Now click on the small Ok button that is available on the left side bottom:

Step 7: The compose window will look as given below and click on the send button. That’s all, you are done with inserting an image to Gmail content.

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