Find Medical Shop Near Me in No Time From Anywhere in India

We are going to discuss about how to find a medical shop near me. The idea suggested here will work anywhere in india provided you must have access to internet and have the Haptik Personal Assistant installed on your phone. Medicine, chemist and support during emergency is realy need of the hour. If you are new to some places and you need to find out where the medical supply shop near me, the haptic medical search will help you.

How to Find Medical Shop Near Me Using Haptic Nearby Option

The first thing you must do is to install Haptic Personal Assistant App on your smartphone (Apple, Android). After installing the app, please complete the registration by verifying your phone number. If you are reading this post in a normal situation without emergency, I suggest you to install the app right now so that you can make use of it when required in dangerous situation.

After installing the app, please follow the steps below to find the chemist near by:

  • Open the Haptik App on your phone
  • Tap on “Nearby” option
  • You will get options like ATM, Bus Stop, Train Station, Chemist and Petrol Pump.
  • Tap on the “Chemist” option.

You will be taken directly to the chat room and an assistant will give you list of medical supply shop near by. You can select the map embedded in the message and reach the location sharply.

The best thing about this app is that it does not give you a list, it gives you a specific store and the exact location.

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