Easy Way to Find Facebook Page App ID for Your Website

Let us see the easy way to find facebook app ID for your website.

Facebook offers the option to look up the App ID from the developer’s section. However, there are few scenarios where you will not be able to find the app id. You must login to the facebook site. The option we are going to see does not need to log in.

You can find the App Id for any facebook page or profile.

Let us say, we are trying to access your facebook app after a long time. You may not remember your details required. At that time, the alternative option will help you.

What is Facebook App ID?

Facebook App ID is a 12 digit unique numeric value assigned to your facebook profile and page. This App ID is essential to add a comment box, like and share for your website, android app and other applications.

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Steps to Find Facebook App ID

  • Visit https://findmyfbid.com/
  • Just enter the URL of your page or profile 


  • Click on “Find Numeric ID
  • The App ID will be displayed. 

    Find your Facebook ID Results
    Find your Facebook ID Results

Click on the “Find Another” button to check the App ID for another website.

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