Earn Free Recharge for Mobile When Cell Phone Screen Lock Unlocked

Let us see an option where we can Earn Free Recharge for Mobile Whenever your Cell Phone Screen Lock is Unlocked. An Android app called Slide developed by 42 Company is a smart application. It will reward you when you signup using your referral link. When you try the apps suggested, Refer your friends and cell phone screen lock is unlocked. Using the above-said options, you can Earn Free Recharge for Mobile.

I discovered this app when I received a video in one of my WhatsApp group. The concept of earning free recharge for mobile when cell phone screen lock is unlocked caught my attention. I thought I must give it a try so that I can review it and publish it Appnol.com.

I installed slide app on my sony phone. I made my 0.05 INR instantly. Later I tried to lock and unlock the phone to earn more rewards. I have shared the remaining in the later section.

A Credit Note to The Busy Professionals Who Participated in Slide App Review by Appnol

Before we discuss further, I would like to express my word of thanks and gratitude to the busy professionals who took time out of their busy schedule and tried the slide app. They accommodated my request to try the app and to provide their insights. I would like to thank:

  • Mr.Vignesh (Works for Amazon)
  • Mr.Madankumar (Software Engineer from Chennai)
  • Mr.Karuppaiyah Rajkumar (Reliance Jio Infocom Limited)


Thank you all for trying the slide app and giving us the input. I am sure, with your support, the app will be reviwed with the correct information that will help other to decide to go for it or not.

Available Options to Earn Free Recharge for Mobile

Option 1: Locking and Unlocking Cell Phone Screen

I unlocked the screen twice and I was rewarded with 0.10 INR. When I tried the third time, there was no reward. Hence, I understood that we can not continue to make money every time when we unlock the phone. However, all the casual attempts to open the screen lock is rewarded. There are few times when we will not be rewarded. If there is no reward, it will be mentioned already.

The rewards are credited immediately on your slide account. Unlocking the phone to earn credits is one option. The maximum reward I received is 0.10 INR. I made 3 INR the first day.

Option 2: Increase Rewards by Referring Your Friends

Another smart way of increasing your reward bonus is to refer your friends. Slide team claims, INR 5.00 will be credited to both the referrer and the referee account. Here is what happened when I tried to refer my friends to slide app. I received my first referral credit immediately when my friend Vignesh tried it. Yes, the referral program works. Now, my next referral was my another friend, Karuppaiyah Rajkumar (Works for Reliance JioInfocom Limited). He too installed and we both were rewarded.

Now I am Excited! I referred a neighbor Imran from one of my group, referred another friend Madan Kumar (Software Engineer) the referral credit for madan and Imran was not applied till now. I have also sent them an email to 42 Company. Unfortunately, there is no response till now.

Note: I observed that the two accounts for which the rewards were not applied had one common thing. Both of them installed the app and registered later. Say somewhere about 5 hours different. But, I am sure they used my referral link.

Request your friend to Install and register immediately to receive the referral credit for sure.

Next, I too personally spoke to my sister and explained about the app. She agreed and installed. But, we did not receive the referral credit on the first day. But, we received it on the second day.

Now, it is the time to conclude that referral program does not work correctly. It is your luck if all the referral credits are applied.

Option 3: Rewards for Trying and Installing the Apps Suggested

I have not received even a single reward for the apps I tried. I better suggest you not to try any apps. It will waste your mobile data and space on your storage. However, you will receive the reward for unlocking the phone

I am still testing the app. I have tested the screen lock credit, referral program and rewards for trying the suggested app. Still, there are few options like redeeming the rewards. As I have not received the minimum amount of Rs.50 to redeem, I was unable to verify the option. However, will update the same for sure. I do have work around that may help us to transfer the earnings to your bank account via wire transfer. I will update the same when it is tested.


If you look at the angle of something is better than nothing, you must try slide app. Sign up using the link: https://42.slde.io/36e58052 you can start enjoying the service immediately. Please try the app and feel free to post your comments below.


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