Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin

This is the guide to Drive traffic to your blog using Revive Old Post social network auto poster WordPress Plugin. The site traffic will increase to a decent extent as the old blog posts are kept alive in social networks by auto tweet and auto post feature.

Once this plugin is installed, you do not need to worry about sharing your content on social media to receive internet traffic. The review old post plugin will take care the rest of the things.

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What is Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin ?

Revive old post is a free social network auto poster plugin. This plugin helps us to share our old blog posts to social media like facebook, LinkedIn and much more. You can install the plugin from the “Add Plugin” section of your WordPress menu. The unique feature of this plugin is, it allows you to set the time and number of posts to be shared. Once configured, the posts are shared automatically as per the settings.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog using Revive Old Post Social Media Auto Poster ?

We can drive traffic by configuring twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn networks in revive old post plugin. I believe in the mantra of “More Share is directly proportional to more web traffic. So, by sharing our content in several social networks, we gain more visitors. However, promoting the blog/site manually is a very tedious process. The smart way of doing it is automating few tasks using social media auto poster plugins. Revive old post plugin for WordPress is one such example of a social network auto poster. With an effort to automation, Revive old post WordPress plugin helps us to auto tweet WordPress post

We can increase traffic using Revive Old Post by following the below guide:

  • Install Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin.
  • Setup the social network accounts.
  • Save and Start Sharing.

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Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Revive Old Post
Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Revive Old Post

Steps to Install Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, Navigate to the Plugins —> Add New section.
  2. In the search box, search for “Revive Old Post“, you will get the list of plugins.
  3. Select the plugin with the title “Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post)”
  4. Click to Install and click on activate to activate the plugin.

Setup Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin

After installing the plugin, navigate to the settings section Dashboard —> Revive Old Post. Under the “Accounts” tab configure your facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and tumbler accounts. Just click on the box against each social media service and login with your username and password. Now, authorize each app to verify your social media account. Leave the remaining section as it is. Because the default settings are good to go.

Now, click on “Save” button. This will save the latest configuration. However, click on “Start Sharing” to start the scheduling loop.

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