Can Pattern Lock or Security Code on Smartphone be Dangerous in Case of Emergency Contact?

Can you believe Android Pattern Lock Ideas or hardest pattern lock on your smartphone can be dangerous In Case of Emergency contact (ICE).? When they are used for securing the data and anonymous phone access, we may think that it is safe to set hardest pattern lock. It is really a good option to secure the phone and the data. But, when it comes to the security for us, it is a question mark. I myself can’t believe that this option can put our self at risk during some emergency scenarios.


When we take this much care for the data and phone, I would like to share my opinion on level of our security in Case of Emergency contact. In general, we use to save our parent’s number like Mom and Dad. This will help anyone who access the phone to identify the emergency contact number. However, if our phones are locked and no option to unlock Android Pattern or security code, nobody can extract contact information. If we are lucky enough, people can identify other contact information using our wallet or any other information in our pocket. Due to above said reason, I prefer not to have my phone with pattern or security code.

Android Pattern Lock Ideas and In Case of Emergency Program

When our phone is secured with hardest pattern lock, first responders can not find any contact number. They will have no clue on how to unlock phone. In Case of Emergency is a one of the program that helps the first res-ponders like doctor, police and firemen to access your phone. The emergency number must be saved in the pattern ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 and so on. This program is very famous in Europe, Australia and North America.
You can find detailed information in Wikipedia about In Case of Emergency is a Program

What are the Alternatives to Keep Our Phones Secured Other than Pattern Lock?

Even though any alternative can not be as safe as pattern or security code, I have provided the few instances below:
  • Phones like Blackberry has the option to access the ICE numbers even if the phone is locked.
  • There are mobile apps in istore and playstore that can help access the phone for ICE number when phone is locked.
  • Just lock the screen without pattern or security code. This will avoid accidental dialing due to touchscreen technology.
  • Use file lock Apps to lock the personal folders or Apps individually. This will allow access to contacts and block any other access which you do not prefer to.

What if Your Mobile is Lost or Stolen?

When your mobile is lost, you have several option to track and erase the data. If the person who took your mobile does not know how to unlock android pattern lock, he may prefer to retain it. He will factory reset your phone. Moreover, we even have the option to recover data, take photo from the phone after loosing it. Hence, we are not required to worry about misusing data. If you are not aware of how to track your mobile, you can read my previous article How to Track your Android mobile when it is lost

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