How to Create a Youtube Account without a Google Account

In this post, you will learn is it possible to create Youtube account Without Gmail. You can make use of it to set up and open your own Youtube Channel and publish your videos.

Visit and open youtube sign in button is available on the right side corner of the website. Click on the “Sign in” button. You will be taken to set up page.

What is YouTube Account?

YouTube is an online video sharing and streaming site. It provides the option for the registered user to upload, edit and view videos online. Even though it does not provide the option to download videos as per its terms of service, the user can download their own videos under the Video manager section. However, there are third party Software and mobile App that can help us to Download YouTubeVideos

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If you Have Existing Google Account

Use the account’s username and password to sign in to

How to create youtube account with or without Gmail account
Open youtube account

If you do not have a google account Cick “Create New Account“. This will take you to the google’s create new account page. Create new Google account by following the onscreen instructions.

Steps to create youtube account by creating new Google account
Steps to create youtube account by creating new Google account

Can I Create Youtube Account without Gmail Account?

If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can Signup for youtube. However, you need to have Google account. If you are wondering what is a google account, don’t worry. It is just an account with Google using any email address. Preferably a Google mail account. Once you create a google account, you will be able to access all Google services using single login information.

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