How to Create A Google Play Store Account Without Gmail ?

Are you looking for an option on How to Create A Google Play Store Account Without Gmail? Let us see the possible solution and  alternatives to make play store account without Gmail. To provide the straightforward answer,  it is impossible to create play store account without google or Gmail apps account. It is mandatory to setup and you must create a google account.

Understanding The Difference Between Google and Gmail Account

If you are not aware, I would like to highlight that Gmail and google account are not same. You can understand this when you swap from one google account to another. Let us say you are trying to access google Adsense while using Gmail. The steps will be different. Google Adsense web app will request you to log in with your google account username and password associated to AdSense.

Google offers two different services. However, a google account is the one which can be used to access all the services. The name google mail is represented as Gmail in short form. However, google suggests an option to use google mail with the same password. If you prefer, you can use a unique account for each service.

Furthermore, You can learn more about steps to create new email account here. The easy option to access all services is to add accounts to your chrome browser. To setup new account on android mobile, watch the video below:

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