Harris Teeter Mobile App Account : How to Create?

In order to signup and place orders for the items in different categories from harris teeter online shopping, one must register him or her with Harris Teeter.

You can create your account from your mobile app within few seconds. You must have a registered account to get the special deals and to find the stores nearby your location.

Details Required to Create a Harris Teeter Mobile App Account

As Harris Teeter is a supermarket service offered within the United States, the prospective customer must have the following:

  • Valid US-based billing address
  • Valid and active email address
  • Valid and active mobile phone number

Once you have the above details, you can continue to register and start using the service for online shopping.

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Steps to Create Harris Teeter Online Shopping Account from Mobile

Once you have the above-mentioned details handy, please follow the below steps to get your account live and get instant access.

  • Download and install Harris Teeter App from Google Play Store or iTunes Account
  • Tap on the App icon from your phone’s menu tray.
  • Enter your email address in the column even if you do not have an active account. 
    Create a Harris Teeter Mobile App Account
    Create a Harris Teeter Mobile App Account


  • Click “Login“. The app will error out stating the email address is not found in our records.
  • Scroll down to the page and you will find the “Register” button.
  • You will be taken to the “Create An account” page.
  • Enter your password and re-enter the same characters to confirm the password. (Please enter the same password and both the forms)
  • Enter your first name, last name.
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter your billing address.
  • Enter the VIC card details. It is optional. Please leave it blank if you don’t have one.
  • Now, tap on “Register“. 

    Create a Harris Teeter Mobile App Account 1
    Create a Harris Teeter Mobile App Account 1
  • You will get the confirmation message “You are now registered.” 

    Create a Harris Teeter Mobile App Account 2
    Create a Harris Teeter Mobile App Account 2

Now, that you have created the Harris Teeter Mobile App account.

A welcome email containing the details will be sent to the registered email address. You can log in to the account and start placing an order and pick it up as per your comfort.

Copy of the Welcome Email Sent to the Registered Email Address

The welcome email will not contain your username or password. All you will receive is the detailed description of every service offered. You can find the copy of the email I received upon successful registration.

Thank you for registering!

Here are a few of the things you may find useful with your account.

ExpressLane Shopping

Build a cart, place your order and we will ship the order and bring the groceries directly to your car when you arrive at the store.

ExpressLane customers are also eligible for exclusive ExpressLane deals weekly! Click here for more helpful details about ExpressLane shopping. Home Delivery is also available in select areas.

Order Ahead

Cakes, party platters, subs, pizzas, and more! Order Ahead with the HT mobile App or at harristeeter.com and skip the line in store at pickup.

These features make it fast and easy to plan lunch, dinner and your next party all in one place.


Linking your VIC card will ensure that you see all the available sales and deals afforded our VIC card members.


Being an eVIC member ensures you never miss a good deal. We will email you the Weekly Ad on Wednesdays, on Fridays we will email you your personalized additional deals and our great weekend only deals.

Not an eVIC member already? Click here to link your email to your card.

Together In Education

Together in Education is a Harris Teeter sponsored program where qualifying items you already purchase earn cash for the school or schools of your choosing. Link your VIC card to up to 5 schools here.


Harris Teeter Pharmacists are ready to help you handle all your prescription needs. Transfer and refill prescriptions easily at harristeeter.com or on the HT Mobile App.

You can even skip the line and have them added to your ExpressLane order. We will even ship your order for free when you select a prescription pick up at checkout! *Some restrictions apply due to Federal Regulations.

The Harris Teeter App – Mobile Grocery Shopping (Video Overview)


Hope the steps provided above helped you to create Harris Teeter account from your android or iPhone. Please let me know if you have faced any difficulty while creating or registering an account with harris teeter.

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