How to Convert Any Text to a High Quality GIF or MP4 Video?


Are you a blogger, social media marketer or someone who is trying to create an e-invitation for your friend’s birthday or anniversary?, with the advancement in technology and change in lifestyle, you can use your own words and design your text to a high-quality (HD) GIF file or M4 video and impress your social media friends.

Post creating the image, you can share it on your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Even though there are video to gif converter software available, having an option to turn your smartphone to perform video creation like text bubble, GIFs, high resolution movie with higher quality is really a blessing.

Requirements to Convert Text to an Image or Video

  1. An Android Mobile.
  2. Legend – Animate Text in Video Android Mobile App (Varies with Different Android Versions)
  3. Of course Optimum Amount of Space on your mobile hard disc.

How to Download Legend – Animate Text in Video Android Mobile App (Includes Steps to Uninstall)

  1. On your mobile screen, navigate to the PlayStore Application
  2. In the search box, search for Legend – Animate Text in Video
  3. If your mobile supports the application, it will prompt you to install the app.
  4. Click install and it will be installed on your device. If you prefer to install the mobile application, you can tap the uninstall button on your phone on the same screen after installing.

Watch the Video Tutorial on Downloading/Installing and Uninstalling Legend – Animate Text in Video Mobile Application


How to Convert Text to GIF or MP4 Format

Let us come to the core idea of converting text to animated image or video in MP4 format. Hope, you have installed Legend – Animate Text in Video app on your android device. This app provides all access to the features. Now, tap on the “L” logo of the legend application. The short cut will be automatically created on home screen. You can also open the menu tray and find the app from there. I found it difficult to find the app from menu tray while creating the tutorial to uninstall the application.

The home screen will open with predefined text. If you tap on the text, it will allow you to edit it. You can feed your complete text and press the tick button below. It will open the animation preview with the first option “Daring“. You can later change the animation option to any one of the inbuilt options like LINES, Display, Quoted, DASH, FRAMED, POINT BLACK, STOPMO, TAG, CAST, splash, BLINK, LETTER, TRAILER, IN, MEME, focus and 3.

The Pros and Cons of Legend – Animate Text in Video Mobile App for Android

Legend – Animate Text in Video Pros

  1. The interface is simple, effective and powerful
  2. The memory size is 19 MB and it is medium compared to functionality of the application is considered.
  3. No major crashes or loaded with advertisements.
  4. User-friendly and easy to export the images to .gif and MP4 formats.
  5. Direct option to share or send your file to facebook messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook.
  6. Adding options of images from flickr is an added advantage. We will be free from copyright infringement.

Legend – Animate Text in Video Cons

  1. You can add only photo to the animated gif or video.
  2. The timer for animated video or image is restricted to 6 seconds. It is not customizable.
  3. Users can not customize the timer or the speed of the text displayed.

Having been said that, the app simply does what it is supposed to. If anyone who hates this app might be someone who does not have the knowledge about video editing or does not have basic android mobile knowledge.

If you have any feedback for legend app, you can contact them at their email address:

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