How to Contact Whatsapp Support Team?

Are you having some trouble in using WhatsApp and wondering how to contact Whatsapp support team? Continue reading this post to know about Whatsapp support team contact number support team contact number, email, and other details. Also Read:

Whatsapp Support Team Contact Number

To be straight forward, there is no WhatsApp support voice call number. All you can do is to send them an email. The primary reason for not having the helpline or customer care number is bacause the users of whatsapp are distributed across the globe and it is possible that the language barrier makes it non feasible to provide a toll free number. Moreover, it is a free  service and providing support over calls may be expensive.

Whatsapp support team email is: – You can send an email to this email for any product support. For any queries related to Privacy Policy Questions, Contact Whatsapp. For Business Inquiries contact them at

WhatsApp support forum may respond to your query as soon as possible.

Corporate Address

WhatsApp Inc.

650 Castro Street, Suite 120-219
Mountain View, California, 94041
United States of America
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3 Thoughts to “How to Contact Whatsapp Support Team?”

  1. Feriha

    I have sent them over 4 emails, and I can’t get an answer, and it is urgent, what can’t i do?

    1. Hi Feriha,

      I understand your urgency. If you have sent WhatsApp team an email, you might have received a response. However, please ensure that the email response is not filtered as spam. I suggest you check your spam or junk folder. If you are using gmail, please select all inbox option and check your emails.

      Can you please let us know how did you contact them? Via email directly? or any other method?

      Alternatively, please contact them by sending a message from your WhatsApp number.

      Whatsapp > Menu > Settings > Contact US

      Here you can enter the issue description and add a screenshot if required. tap on Next. You will get questions from FAQ section. If your question is not listed, click on This does not answer my question. Your request will be sent to them.

      Hope it helps. Please let us know if you need any information.

    2. Ahmad Majdoub

      hi Feriha

      did whatsapp reply to you

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