Compress Image without Using Compression App

Is it possible to compress image without another software installed on your computer or mobile phone?

Having a heavy file size picture that needs compression and wants to sent to your friends or family members?

Are you unable to upload it to the social media service like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Will it be good if you have an option to compress the image without any extra application?

Yes, It is possible!

There is no need to purchase any paid app to reduce the image size. We can use one of the applications that we do it on our day to day life. It is called Whatsapp messenger.

Let us explore it.

How Can We Compress Image? Let’s Look at The Idea in a Nutshell

We are going to take the advantage of the technology used by Whatsapp for compressing the images. Whatsapp uses two image compression technique called Lossless and Looseless. All we need to do is upload the image to Whatsapp and download it again. The downloaded image will be compressed to lower size.

The picture given below will give you a better idea on how it works:

 Compress Image
Lossless-Loosely Images Whatsapp compression Technology

After compression, it will be easy to transfer the file, upload it to any server easily.

Steps to Compress Images on Your Mobile Phone Using Whatsapp Messenger

In general, you can not send any text, file or video to yourself on WhatsApp. So, what should we do now?

You can send the file to any of your family members. After the file is sent, have them forward the same file to you. Now, download the same file again. The later will have very less file size.

Now, here comes another problem. Not everyone is comfortable in sharing the photos with others. They too don’t like disturbing others.

If you are that kind of person, here is the alternative option. Just create a group where you are the only person in it. by adding another person. After creating the group, delete the extra person.

Unfortunately, Whatsapp does not allow us to create a group without any participants. Then how to accomplish this?

Here is the hack that works. Just create the group by adding another person. After creating the group, delete the other person on the group.

Now, you are the only person in the group.

Now it is the time to act smart. Send the photo to the self-group you created. Here, you can not download the image that you have sent. This is because Whatsapp does not have its own servers. the mobile phone is the server for every individual.

Hence, to send the same file back to you, you need to access WhatsApp web from your computer.

Just send the same file and download it on your phone.

This way you can send your own images to your own WhatsApp number with reduced or compressed size.

How to Compress Images on Your Computer

Compressing images on your computer can be very easy. There are better ways to reduce the image size.

I suggest you use any online web browser based compression tools. Here, I have shared two free services that I always use to reduce the image size without reducing the image quality.

  2. Optizilla (Supports Multiple File Upload)

Case Study about Reducing File Size of an Image

I have personally tried to reduce the image size of the file from my mobile. I have shared the exact steps that I followed to reduce the image size from 1.15 MB to 42.49 KB.

After getting the idea I checked the logic using a sample case. I created an image for my blog post. This image ended up being 1.15 MB.

Now, for someone who is a blogger and uploading an image with heavy file size is not a good practice. The file size must be reduced as low as possible with quality.

You can look at the details of the image I created.

Picture Size Before Image Compression
Compress Image Without Any Software

As mentioned earlier, I created a WhatsApp group with myself as the only participant. Sent the file to the group. Now, I accessed WhatsApp web from PC. This I did it to send the image again to me from PC.

Whatsapp Self Group

Here, I used WhatsApp web feature to resend the image to me. Now, the same image lies on my mobile gallery twice with different size. The former with 1.5MB and the later with 42.49KB.

You can view the reduced file size below:

    Compressed Picture Size
Whatsapp reduced image size

Compress Image without Software Conclusion

I hope the information provided above helped you to some extent. I know that we can even compress a video using WhatsApp. However, I haven’t tried it.

If you have tried this trick, please let us know your comments. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to enter it as comments.

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