What are Those Check Marks Next to My Messages?

The check marks next to your WhatsApp messages are the status indicators. As we have LED indicators in a wireless router or any other electronic devices, the single gray, double gray and double green ticks indicate different status of the messages sent to an individual or in a  group.

The exact message status is mentioned below:

  • message successfully sent.
  • message successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone.
  • the recipient has read your message.

How Does the Tick Mark Indicator Behave in a Private Chat and Group Chat?

If you are on a private chat, the indicator will work instantly. Because there is only one person on the other end. The possibility of reading the message instantly is very high. But, there are few points to note here. The indicators do not guarantee that the person has read the message or seen it.

It depends based on the person’s setup. If he decides not to receive any notification when WhatsApp is closed, the messages will show unread. If the pop-up notification or notification is enabled, the message may show delivered and read. But, the person might not have read the message physically.

If you are on a group chat, the single gray tick will appear when the message is sent to all the participants in the group. The double gray tick will appear only when all the messages are delivered to all participants. The double blue ticks will appear only when all the participants in the group have read the messages.

Why My Whatsapp Messages are Not Delivered or the Tick is Struck at Single Gray?

There are multiple reasons why the messages are not delivered to the chat partner. This scenario is normal in a group where there are more participants. Whatsapp group has a limit of 256 people.  Not everyone will have a valid reason for not reading your message.

Few scenarios where your message may not be delivered are:

  • The phone might be powered off
  • They might face weak or intermittent network signal.
  • The recipient has seen the notification on the notification bar. But, not actually read the message by opening the app.
  • Your number might have been blocked

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