How Much Will I Be Charged for Sending Messages Via Whatsapp?

You will not be charged for sending messages via WhatsApp. Whatsapp is not your regular phone. It is a host application that uses your phone number, mobile phone and internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available).

The phone number is used only during phone number verification process. During all other times, only the internet connection is used. You can use any internet connection like public hotspots, Mobile tethering from your friend, Wi-Fi Connection to use WhatsApp.

What is Data Connection and How the Data Consumption is Calculated?

Sharing any files like photo, video or text has a unit of measurement. Based on the quality of the file and the type of file, the size is calculated. Transferring these files from one place to another is called data transfer.

If you are transferring the file with in the computer or mobile device, you do not need any internet connection. However, if you prefer to transfer the file to another device or location, you need to have anyone of the network connection like Blutooth, Infra Red, Internet, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), Wi-Fi Connection.

The data is calculated based on the terms like bit, byte, Kilo byte (Kb), Mega Byte (Mb), Giga Byte (GB), and Terra Byte (TB). You can find the calculation of these data:

1024 Bit = 1 Byte

1024 Byte = 1 KB

1024 KB = 1 MB

1024 MB = 1 GB

1024 GB = 1 TB

Overage Charges for Using WhatsApp

The possible charges you may incur while using WhatsApp are the overage charges in internet data consumption. If your data connection is unlimited, then you need not worry. If you have a limit on your data connection, then you need to check with your mobile phone service provider.

The services like TMobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon Wireless  has provided the option to check the data usage instantly using their mobile app or online account. You can monitor your data usage and plan accordingly. You can also set a data limit for your billing cycle on your smartphone. You can find the settings under your data connection settings. Just select your billing start date and the end date. Set the data limit too.

Once this setting is configured, the data connection will stop working once the limit is reached for the particular billing date.

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