Can I use Whatsapp on Two Devices with Same Number?

Can I use Whatsapp on Two Devices with Same Number?

It is not possible to use Whatsapp on two different phones with the same numbers. It is because phone number is the unique value that WhatsApp uses to identify the users. If you have already registered a phone number and trying to register the same number again, it will complete the setup and installation process. However, the data will be fetched from WhatsApp database and the details related to the same phone number will be used.

Can I Use Whatsapp on Multiple Devices with Same Phone Number
Can I Use on Multiple Devices with Same Phone Number

What Will Happen to The App Installed in My Previous Device?

The app will remain in your old phone. However, if you try to open the app it will show an error that the numbers associated with this account is registered to another device. It may request you to change the phone number. Alternatively, you can just uninstall and reinstall the application from Google Play Store. This will let you enter the new phone number and install WhatsApp.

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Does Whatsapp Uses My Mobile Network?

Whatsapp is a VoIP application and the phone number is considered as unique across the globe. We need to understand that WhatsApp does not use our phone number or the network to route data. It only uses the internet connection. Hence, irrespective of whether the device installed with WhatsApp contains SIM card or not, you will still receive the notification and messages till you are connected to the internet. However, you must have an active network connection and a valid phone number while installing the app for the first time.

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