How Can You Email a Text Message From Android and iPhone?

Learn how can you email a text message from Android and iPhone. We are in a technology world. When we learn how to use the available technology at the right time, we can save a lot of time and money. Recently, my neighbor asked me an option to print some details in the SMS. I was able to help them by instructing to send the SMS content to email and then to visit a net cafe to have them printed as hard copy. You can try to email text message for one time. If the email message sample is delivered, then it will become a piece of cake.

In this post, we are going to discuss the different options available to forward a text message (SMS) to our email client like Gmail, yahoo, MSN, outlook, Zoho, Yandex, ProtonMail and AIM. The texting messages instructions may not be specific to a particular model or mobile operating system. They may be generic and you can get the zest of what we are trying to say.

Similarly, the options are based on the mobile and manufacturer, your mobile network operator has got nothing to do with it. You may be having your mobile phone from Sprint, T-Mobile, Vodafone, AT&T and Verizon.

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How Can You Email a Text Message: Available Options

Let us find the list of available options for how can you email a text message. You can send to an email address directly from phone messages. If you do not have such option, you can do so by installing an application. The summary of options are:

  1. Copy the Message and Paste it into the Email client.
  2. Forward SMS to an Email address from SMS.
  3. Installing SMS to Email App on android phone

Copy and Paste Method

The copy and paste methods are the easiest and the best option to send your SMS from phone’s inbox to your email address. This method can be applied on any phones like Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and more. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open your SMS inbox and open the message you would like to forward to an email address.
  • Click on “Menu” options or long press on the message to copy the message content.
  • Select “Copy” and close the message box.
  • Now open your email client like Gmail or Zoho.
  • Create a new message and paste the content of the email body by long pressing the blank screen and selecting “Paste” option.

Forward SMS to an Email Address from SMS Inbox

The option to forward an SMS directly from SMS inbox is not applicable for all the phones. It applies for android phones in a maximum instance. To find out whether your phones supports email sending option, you can find it out by checking the contacts section. If your contacts option requests email address while adding a new contact, you can forward the SMS to any email address. Please follow the steps below for detailed instructions:

  • Open your SMS inbox and select the message you would like to email.
  • Long press on the message content or select the menu option to find the “forward” button. Tap on it.
  • You will be taken to the contacts page. Here, you can type the email address of the contact.
  • Select the correct email address from contacts and send it.
  • You are done.

Installing SMS to Email App on Android Phones

There are few phones which will not have the option to forward to email address. For those types of phones, you can install the apps like SMS to Email from Google Play Store. It is easy to install the application on your phone.

Steps to Download and Install SMS to Email App

  • Open the Menu tray on your phone.
  • Select “Google Play Store” and search for SMS to Email client
  • Complete the installation. You are done.

Now, you can continue to send your SMS To email service.

How Can You Email a Text Message From Android and iPhone: Conclusion

I hope you have learned how can you email a text message from your smartphone. If you have any feedback or ideas regarding this topic, please feel free to add your comments. If you have any other idea that worked for you, please share it as your comments. Thank you for your valuable time.

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