Best Time Tracking App for Work Using Android, iPhone and MAC

Best Time Tracking App for Work Using Android, iPhone, and MAC. Improve your productivity double and save time by taking the advantage of best time tracking App. Try time tracking apps like Toggl, Hours, Everhour, and Paydirt for free. There are applications like employee time tracking app,  Free time tracking app, Real-time tracking app which can replace spreadsheet. We shall discuss the features of all types of time tracking apps and choose the best out of the better result.

What is Time Tracking App?

Time Tracking App is a software used on your smartphones like Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry to monitor the time spent on each activity. These applications are used by the organizations where the employees are paid on hourly basis. These Apps will be of best use track time for the professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants, and engineers. Due to the tracking applications like this, the time sheet is no more required.

List of Apps for Tracking Time

Here are the best time tracking apps for freelancers to help boost your productivity and track your work. The list includes apps for both android and ios phone devices. You can check the review details and try to install on your android or iPhone.

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Free and Best Time Tracking App for Android and iPhone

Time Tracker – Timesheet 

Time Tracker - Timesheet
Time Tracker – Timesheet

Time tracker allows the user to enter four ways of time namely domains, projects, tasks, time entry details. It is designed for multi-device configuration like a touch screen. The app is a responsive type and can fit any compatible device. We can export the data to different formats like CSV. Later we can modify in excel or open office from your computer when required. It offers end-to-end encrypted synchronization between multiple android devices. Time tracker app is free from ads and it is offered for free.

The Time tracker – Timesheet app is the best choice for the team managers, project managers and others who love to track their team’s data. One of the noted drawbacks is that the app does not give a reminder when the timer is about to stop. This leads to the chance of missing the timer or sticking onto the timer. Situations like this may arise when you are working on office and forget to check the timer. The app does not have the backup option. Hence, you need to use another app like google drive to back up your data. For the people in the civil engineering field, this is one of the must have application on your android phone.

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aTimeLogger – Time Tracker

aTimeLogger - Time Tracker
aTimeLogger – Time Tracker

aTimeLogger time tracker helps us to track our personal working activities. You can obtain a multimedia representation of your daily, weekly and monthly stats. Atime logger is best suitable for everyone who is time conscious. Any busy professional, time conscious sportsmen, and for the parents who wants to have control over the time of their children.

Few notable features of atime time logger are that you can perform simultaneous time tracking option. You can view your reports in the form of graphs and pie chart. The reports can be exported to different formats like HTML and CSV (Comma Separated Values). Above all, it has the best in class support for the customers. The app is more customizable.

Timesheet – Time Tracker

Timesheet - Time Tracker
Timesheet – Time Tracker

Timesheet tracker is another best in class software. It was nominated for Mobile Award Austria in the year 2012. You can easily track the time you have spent on different activities and export them to a Microsoft excel sheet. There is an option to backup your files. You can also move the backup files to SD card and store it in a different hardware or location.

You can upload your files to google drive folders directly from your timesheet app. The automatic calls from phone call feature are one of the unique about timesheet tracking app. Based on the user experiences and the google user reviews, the app does not seem to be user-friendly. It will be great if the users are provided with the support guide for all the app’s features.

HoursTracker: Time Tracking

HoursTracker Time Tracking
HoursTracker Time Tracking

HoursTracker Time Tracking is best suitable for tracking working hours and earnings for employees, contractors. The app supports the features like applying break and pause. The time can be adjusted manually. You can schedule the timer for the past, future. The option to include comments on the entry is the unique feature of hours tracker time tracking app. These comments can be used in the report export for future reference.

It supports file export in the format CSV and text file. The backup files are stored in their own cloud service. We can also access the backup files from any device like a computer, PC, and laptop. Hourstracker has the best email support where you can contact the support team without leaving the application.

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Toggl Time Tracker, Timesheet 

Toggl Time Tracker, Timesheet
Toggl Time Tracker, Timesheet

Use the timer to log task times and get reports based on the time usage. All the time logs are synced to the cloud and you can track time also in the web version, desktop app, Chrome extension and with an Android watch – all your data is safely under one account.

Toggl can not be used offline as it works or retrieves data from the cloud service. You may feel the app crashing at some point of time. But, it will not lead to critical issues. IT also helps you to sync with your mac OSX app. Few Samsung Galaxy S5 users have reported that the app crashes when opened from android’s pull down menu. Even though the app is worth five-star rating in the play store, the stability of the app is not as expected on few devices.  You can get rid of procrastination while using toggl time tracker.

Another frequent complaint is that toggl drains out the battery very faster. The screen will be awake even when the mobile is not used. The best option is to take the advantage of toggl web app if you are facing any issues with your mobile.

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Work Time Tracker

Work Time Tracker
Work Time Tracker

The Work Time Tracker helps us to eliminate spreadsheet, paper, and pen from our daily routine. We can easily feed the time taken for every task in a single click. Work Time Tracker is best suitable for people working in IT industry. They will not have a time limit and hence they end up playing TT (Table Tennis), Foose ball or any other fun game. End of the day, their time will fly away and need to work extra hours. By taking the advantage of WTT (Work Time Tracker), you can check how you have spent your time at every interval.

WTT is a simple and elegant application. There are few areas where the app lacks compared to other applications discussed in this section. Let us see few of them.

  • The features like export, break above num of time, notes on days, change +/- on a month to h:m and monthly list view are missing.
  • We will not be able to set the end time after midnight.
  • Unable to export data to excel or CSV or text file

SaveMyTime – Time Tracker

SaveMyTime - Time Tracker
SaveMyTime – Time Tracker

SaveMyTime – Time Tracker is a unique tracker application that takes control over your lock screen. Unlike any other app, it is not required to open the app every time to update the time entry. Every two minutes, the app screen will ask you about your activity. You can also customize the app to your need like the time difference between every time request. You can customize your names, colors and icons of your activities to track whatever you need. You can not delete your activity history. However, if you need, you need to send them an email and the SaveMyTime App team will help you. Overall your life work balance will be taken care.

The customer care is very active and every issue you face will be taken care if you report them.

Work Log

Work Log
Work Log

Work Log is a free app to keep track of work hours from the comfort of your android smartphone. It is one of the best apps for tracking work hours and pay.  The features like automatic break deduction and pay period settings are unique which makes this app the easy one. It has the option to edit or delete the past working hours. Based on our settings, the break hours will be deducted from working hours automatically.

The currency symbol can be changed to different country. It is available for ore than 100 countries. You have the option to set a backup reminder. This reminder will help you to realize that your data must be backed up. I personally like the punch in/out feature.

e Tracking by primaERP

e Tracking by primaERP
e Tracking by primaERP

e Tracking by primaERP helps us to track both working and non-working hours. It is one of the few android tie tracking app that works offline. The e Tracking app is designed with the safety and privacy of our data. Apart from android and iOS App, it is also available as web app. The web application is located at

actiTIME Mobile Timesheet

actiTIME Mobile Timesheet
actiTIME Mobile Timesheet

actiTIME Mobile Timesheet is the corporate time-tracking software. allows you to Work offline & sync data later. You must have an actiTIME account to use this app on your android smartphone. actiTime is easy to use app where anyone can use it without any special training.

Other Time Tracking Apps for Android Phones Are:

You can find the other apps that can be used to track your work and other aspects of day to day life and ask the time spent very productively.

  • Meter Time Sheet
  • TrackingTime | Time Tracker
  • My Work Clock
  • Jiffy – Time tracker
  • Hours – Time Tracker
  • OnTheJob! – Time Tracker
  • Time Tracker for Tasker
  • Time Tracker
  • Swipetimes Time Tracker
  • Awesome Time Logger Free
  • Time Tracker – TouchTime
  • CTime – Screen time tracker
  • Running Distance Tracker +
  • Harvest Time & Expense Tracker
  • Easy Time Tracker
  • Time Tracker by DualHalf
  • A Time Tracker
  • Invoice & Time Tracking – Zoho
  • Smart Time Tracker
  • IFS Time Tracker
  • Metro Systems Time Tracker
  • Sleep Time Tracker
  • HourGuard Time Tracker Free
  • Project Time Tracker

List of Time Tracking App for  MAC and iPhone

Please refer to the each application in iTunes and try whether they suit your requirements. For your easy reference, I have provided the list of best time tracking app for MAC and iPhone.

  • Tick
  • Billings Pro
  • Timely
  • Fanurio
  • OfficeTime
  • Timing
  • Tyme
  • Toggl
  • Freshbooks OSX Time Tracker Widget
  • Harvest
  • Klok
  • On The Job
  • Hubstaff
  • Time Edition
  • Minco
  • Cashboard
  • Rescue Time
  • Slife
  • SlimTimer
  • WakaTime
  • Money Penny
  • TimeNet
  • Fanurio
  • Timecamp

I have collected the best tracking app that can be used on your smartphone. However, it is still not over. You may be worker, project manager, freelancer, blogger or a professional. You might have used a different app and please share your insights. I love to hear more apps from you that saved time and increased productivity. I will be glad to add it to the list.

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