Androvid Video Editor App for Android Review

In this review, you will learn the honest and personal opinions about Androvid Video Editor App for Android. I have been using free version of Androvid video editing app for android for couple of months. However, I have not upgraded to androvid pro video editor just because I could perform my functions with free version itself. All that I can say is it’s the best in class video editing software for android operating system.

Golden Memories and Myths About Editing Videos

Can you think of video editing on your palm top? Around 1990 – 2000, If someone would have told you that you can edit videos on the go using a portable electronic device, I am sure, we would have made fun out of him. Because, we never expected that technology will make our life so easier that can save us time and money.

I still can’t forget the initial memories of my introduction to learning computers. Even creating a painting using mspaint (Microsoft Paint) was a big achievement. Connecting a smart phone to the computer was a davinci code to crack. In the aspect of editing video, the first thing that comes to our mind is windows movie maker. In my initial days of introduction to mobile phones, I use to wonder when I see a beautiful .GIF image on my Nokia 6030 mobile. I use to think one must be a highly trained professional, must have a costly devices to edit videos or to create gif images. However, it is not so. All it needs is a passion towards video editing. Later I upgraded to Sony Ericsson K310i. Wow! Enjoyed the real taste of .3gb videos even in that 512 MB memory card.

I hope you too have your own experience and memories of getting introduced to the world of mobile phones. You can comment below your experiences so that the world knows it.

Now a days, editing videos had become a normal action after the rise in use of smartphones (Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Windows). The apps like androvid makes it very easier. I was blessed with a girl child in the month of june 2016. We took lots of photos. We captured each and every possible moments in my Sony Xperia Z3 c6833. With the help of the slide show feature in Androvid  mobile application, I created my own video with a lovely background song. Wow! it is the out of world moment.

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About Androvid Video Editor App for Android

Androvid is an easy to use freemium (Offered for free and need to upgrade to premium version to get full functionality) software that is available for android operating system. It is developed by zeoxy. It requires android mobile version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and up. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow support added in the recent update. It is rated 4 out of 5 in Google Play Store.

The Positive Aspects of Androvid Video Editing App are:

  • Helps to rotate our video (There are other apps out there that does not have this option)
  • It is amazing for trimming, merging videos and to add text to the video.
  • Conveniently integrates with android gallery and has a nice looking layout.

The Negative Aspects of Androvid Video Editor App are:

Even though, the application works great, there are few areas of improvement. I have discussed about them briefly below. Upgrading to pro version gives full access. The major drawback I found is that the developer team is not paying attention to negative review made by the user. It will be great if they could give the a heads up by providing some solution. This will change the user’s opinion to increase the rating in play store.

  • We can merge upto 10 photos in free Androvid version.
  • The quality of video after performing the action is low quality.
  • Frequently popped by advertisements.
  • Can not add multiple audio tracks.
  • It takes too long to load or perform the action.

What Are The Available Androvid Video Editor Download Options ?

There are more options available out there to download androvid video editor. The first option is to downalod the app from Google play store from your android phone, the second option is to install the androvid video editing app from your pc/laptop/computer to your mobile device using google playstore. Androvid pro apk download from third party sites.

Features of Androvid Video Editor App

There are loads of feature that androvid video editor app offers. I have provided them in a single paragraph for your convenience. Trim videos, Join or merge videos, video transcoder or converter, make slide show, mix video and audio, rotate viandrovid video editorandrovid video editordeos, add text to videos, convert video to mp3, split videos. The androvid pro version provides unlimited access.

The conversion of file formats mentioned below may work out. Please note that the list provided below are combination of the file formats. Please mention as your comments if there is any discrepencies.

avi to mp4 convertercovert avi to mp4wmv to avi convertercovert flv to mp4
mp4 to avi convertercovert mp4 to aviavi to mov convertercovert wmv to mp4
flv to mp4 converterflv to mov converteravi to wmv converterwmv to vob converter
mov to mp4 convertermpg to mov convertermov to wmv converterflv to mpg converter
wmv to mp4 convertermpg to wmv converterflv to 3gp converterflv to vob converter
mp4 to 3gp convertervob to mov convertermp4 to mpg convertermpg to 3gp converter
vob to mp4 convertervob to wmv converter3gp to avi converter3gp to flv converter
mp4 to wmv convertermov to 3gp converteravi to 3gp converter3gp to mov converter
mov to avi converteravi to avi convertermpg to avi convertercovert mov to avi
3gp to mp4 convertermov to mpg convertermp4 to mp4 convertermpg to flv converter
flv to avi convertermov to vob converterwmv to mov convertervob to flv converter
mp4 to mov convertermpg to vob converteravi to flv converterwmv to mpg converter
mp4 to vob convertervob to 3gp converteravi to vob converter3gp to mpg converter
mpg to mp4 convertervob to mpg converterflv to wmv convertercovert avi to mov
mp4 to flv converterwmv to flv convertermov to flv convertercovert mov to wmv
vob to avi converter3gp to wmv converteravi to mpg convertercovert wmv to mov
wmv to 3gp converter3gp to vob converter

If you are thinking about how to contact the androvid team, just drop them and email to

How to Create Slideshow on Android Mobile Using Androvid Video Editing App?


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