AdWords Express App Review

What is Adwords Express App?

Google Adwords Express App or ads express is a mobile application that helps the registered google advertisers to reach their potential customers via AdWords account. This application enables the AdWords customers to create their advertisements, manage AdWords campaign and check the stats about how they are performing from mobile app itself. With the help of Ads Express, the customers can gain access to their campaign details from anywhere in the world. It increases their mobility and saves a lot of time and converts your businesses into an express businesses

The Adwords and Express Applications are available for Android, iPhone and iPad devices. Having said this, you should not get confused with AdSense program. The business people looking to target their customers using google is the AdWords meaning.

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What is The Difference Between Adwords and Adwords Express?

With respect to the business purpose, both AdWords and AdWords express serves the same purpose of helping the online business grow. Whether you own a website or not, it does not matter. Both the service are running the customer the following service to be competitive in the market:

  • The customer is charged only when advertisement is clicked
  • Displays Ads on Google Search and Google Maps
  • Shows Ads on other related websites
  • Supports Mobile ads
  • Ability to target ads geographically.
  • Automated management is not available in AdWords but available in AdWords express.

The only restriction is we can not use the both the application simultaneously.

How Google Adwords Express Sign in Works?

Google AdWords Express sign in works based on your google account login credentials. Once signed in, you can use the Google TalkBack app to control the operations in the mobile app. You can enable TalkBack in “Settings,” under “Accessibility.”

How to Get Google Adwords Express Coupon?

There is no specific procedure to get promotional or coupon codes for Google AdWords express account. Based on the business proposal, google and their advertisement partners offer the promotional codes occasionally. Maximum offers are applicable for new customers to help the grow the business.

How to Contact Adwords Express Help Center and Get Adwords Express Help

You can avail AdWords help in different ways. Google offers call support, chat support and email support. However, it seems the first two options are only during a specific time. However, the email AdWords support is still alive for 24/7. You can contact them from their support team page.

Use the direct Link: Adwords Express Help

  1. Visit:
  2. Select your country. The phone number and the working hours.

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