How to add Google Custom Search Engine to WordPress?

Guide to add Google Custom Search Engine to wordpress Website. My tech blog Appnol had the default google’s search engine that came along with wordpress template. In order to monetize my site with Google Adsense for search, Adding google custom search engine (Google CSE) to website was very difficult (I am new to word press and switched from Blogger recently). I did several trail and errors method to implement the custom search engine. Finally, I have implemented the search box in Appnol.

Find the Steps on How to Add Google Custom Search Engine to Website?

Plugins and Resources Required to Add Google (CSE) Custom Search Engine Box:

WP Google Search Plugin – Can be downloaded from Plugin section of WordPress

Google Search Engine ID – Can Be obtained from Google Custom Search

WP Google Search Plugin Review

I have provided my review on WP Google Search Plugin because it has made my task of adding custom search to my blog very easy without even touching the coding part. I have also tried other plugins and I found it difficult to get my desired result. Kudos to the developer team for making such a easy ready to use effective plugin.

Note: Initially I applied the Google Search Engine ID by removing partial value and the search box did not reflect in my site. Hence, select the Google Search Engine ID as it is and paste it in the respective section of the plugin.

Steps to Download WP Google Search Plugin to WordPress Blog

  • Open your Self Hosted admin panel
  • Navigate to the plugins section and select the “Add New” option.
  • Search for “WP Google Search Plugin
  • Click to install the plugin.

Now the plug in is active on your blog. We are just couple of steps away from having the search box appearing on your site. Now we need to configure Google Search Engine ID in WP Google Search Plugin.

Steps to Configure Google Search Engine ID in WP Google Search Plugin

  • Go to Google Custom Search
  • You will get the list of Search Engine under your adsense account.  If you have not created the custom search, you can do so by clicking on the Add button. This page will look like this:
  • Click on the name of the search engine to go to “basic setup  page.
  • Navigate to the “Search Engine ID” section and click on it.
  • You will get a popup window with the search engine id. This is the id you will be pasting it WP Google Search Plugin.
  • Now, go to (replace appnol with your domain name)
  • Go to Settings –>  WP Google Search and paste the Google Search Engine ID
  • Check the box “Display search box before search results” and “Use default corrections CSS“. Now that the configuration is complete. Click on “Save Settings“.

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