3 ways on How to Install Widget LinkWithin to Blogger in a Minute for More Visitors

 Linkwithin is a widget service provider that provides free “you might also like widget” for blogger, wordpress platform without any registration. Once the widget is added to your blogger blog, it will automatically display the related posts with the tag “You might also like” underneath every blog post.
When I found this widget in some other blogs, I tried to add the same Linkwithin widget to my blog. I tried more than four times to add it. However, every time when I tried to select the Blogger platform and add the widget, I will always received an error. Later I will give up. After some days, I searched in Google for LinkWithin alternative for blogger and found them. Now, LinkWithin you may also like widget is live on my blog.

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I have provided below 3 ways to add LinkWithin widget to blogger in a minute for more visitors.
Visit LinkWithin website and enter your Email address, blog link, platform and the number of stories to be displayed. The issue is only when we select the platform.

1. Add Linkwithin “you may also like” Widget by selecting Blogger Platform

Follow the above steps and select the platform as Blogger and click on “Getwidget”. You will be redirected to blogger.com. Select your blog from the dropdown list if you have more than one blog and save changes.
E info Book - Linkwithin You might also like widget for blogger
E info Book – Linkwithin You might also like widget for blogger
Note: When I tried to add the same method, I received an error and it was not successful.

2. Add LinkWithin “you might also like” Widget by adding third party HTML widget in Blogger

Follow the steps given above except for platform. Select others as platform and click on “Getwidget”. You will get a code as provided below. The code will remain the same except the site Id.
E info Book - Linkwithin You might also like widget HTML for blogger
E info Book – Linkwithin You might also like widget HTML for blogger
Copy the above code and Login to your Blogger account. Select the particular blog and go to the layout section. Click on “Add a Gadget”. Select “add third party HTML to your blog”. Paste the code and name the post fort the Widget as “You Might Also Like” and paste the code in the box below. Now click on save. Blogger will automatically save the arrangements and you will find the Linkwithin Related post widget on your blog.

3. Add Linkwithin “you might also like” Widget by Editing HTML in Blogger.

Follow the same steps suggested above for option 2. The only difference is instead of adding a widget in layout section of blogger settings, we will use the Template section of the blog. Under template tab, click in “Edit HTML”.
In the resulting page, click anywhere in the html page and press “Ctrl + F”. A box will appear at the right side top of the editor. There type </body> and hit enter. Above the </body> tag, paste the code copied and click on “Save Template”. Now, you will find the Linkwithin Related post widget on your blog as given below:
E info Book -You might also like widget for blogger

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