How to Add Members in Whatsapp Group without Adding in Contacts

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Let's learn How to Add Members in Whatsapp Group without Adding in Contacts.

People can use Group Chat in WhatsApp to send photos, movies, and information to family, friends, and other people. Below are the procedures you need to take to add new contacts to WhatsApp groups without saving them to your contact list.

You will be requested to add group members by selecting persons from your Contacts List who are already members. Once you've created the Group, WhatsApp will automatically take you to your phone's contact list.

How to Add Members in Whatsapp Group without Adding in Contacts

People in your contact list will not be able to join WhatsApp groups automatically. There must be group admins before group members can be added to the group. Inviting someone to join a WhatsApp Group is quick and simple by giving them an invitation link.

Add People to WhatsApp Group Without Saving to Contacts

To add people to your WhatsApp group, make sure you have administrator rights and follow the instructions below.

  • Before you can add an additional member to your WhatsApp group, make sure you are on the Chats page in WhatsApp and tap on your WhatsApp group.
  • You are now in the group and to get into the Group info option, you must press on the three-dots menu and press on Group info.
  • Select Invite through Link on the Group Info screen and then scroll down.
  • Anyone using WhatsApp can click this link to join this group. People you trust should be the only ones who have access to this information.
  • Tap on the Share link option to see the Copy, Share, and Revoke Link choices underneath the message.
  • To share the link, go to the Share menu, which contains numerous alternatives.
  • You can distribute the URL in a variety of ways, including via Gmail, SMS, Skype, and other means.
  • You can use the Invite Link to add a person to the Group on WhatsApp, who will not be added to your Contact List.
  • Take away the "invite everyone" link for the WhatsApp group.

Another downside of adding individuals to WhatsApp using Share Link is the potential for someone to join the group who may not be known to you or to the individuals you share the link with.

To withdraw an existing WhatsApp Group Invite Link, do the following:

  • In order to open a WhatsApp group, first open the app, touch on the three-dots menu icon, and press on the Group details option.
  • To invite by URL, simply scroll down and tap on the Invite by URL option on the Group Info screen.
  • To continue, move on to the following screen, where you will see the Revoke Link option.
  • Once you have tapped on the "Confirm Your Link" prompt, you should tap on the "Revoke Link" option.
  • After that, hit OK on the following dialogue box.

As can be seen in the image above, WhatsApp has revised the Group Invite Link, which you can see in the previous image.

Once you've removed the undesired people from your WhatsApp Group, you'll have to do it manually.

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