How Do I Get a Us Number That I Can Use on Whatsapp Permanently?

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You will learn How Do I Get an Us Number That I Can Use on Whatsapp Permanently?

You are at the proper location if you want a free US cellphone number. Learn how to get a free US mobile number (country code +1) that you may use for outgoing calls or inbound calls for free. How nice! So let's begin.

How Do I Get a Us Number That I Can Use on Whatsapp Permanently?

TextPlus App (FREE US Mobile Number)

Step 1: Download the TextPlus app. TextPlus is accessible for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Step 2: Open the app and enter your email address.

Step 3: Import your contacts. (Skip this if you want)

Step 4: Go to the app's settings, and click on “Get A FREE TextPlus Number” (it will generate a FREE US mobile number).

Step 5: Usefulness varies with each user's behavior on the platform.

Step 6: Select the state, area code, and click 'Continue'. In the above screenshot, you can see your current number.

You are all good to go. Now you can use this US mobile number for making/receiving calls, for any verified usage like banks, Google Voice, or Gmail.

The great aspect of this software is “text chat”. If you have no balance, you can send a FREE text message to the person you want to call back. Hey, it's Appnol, call me back at this number +1 (your text plus number).

Method 2. - GoHeyWire app (FREE US Mobile Number)

Another method to get free US cellphone numbers. There is no charge for this; you'll get a US phone number for free. You can text them directly if they do not have GoHeyWire.

You'll receive these fantastic features.

To any US and Canadian mobile phones, you can send free text messages. It performs well on sluggish WiFi. TweetNow: A worldwide text-to-Twitter service with notifications, all for free.

Post-Instant Voice Messages to Twitter reply when you're unable.

Other good attributes abound. You'll find more information on Android devices and iOS devices here.

Method:3: SendHub – Business SMS (FREE US Mobile Number)

App downloads are accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes. This is software that's ideal for sending mass messages for your business.

SendHub requires the US or Canadian cell phone number for verification. You must download the SendHub verification apps, even if you don't plan on using all of their special capabilities.

There are a few things I like about SendHub. Messaging, including group texting, is available from any device. Next, users can share contacts and even files with other users. The number is toll-free, and SendHub also offers call analytics to help your business. Only premium features are available.

Method 4: Google Voice number (FREE US Mobile Number)

Google voice is not available everywhere. One thing you'll need in order to have a Google Voice number is a U.S.-based cellphone number. You can utilize TextPlus and HeyWire to obtain a free US mobile phone number for Google voice verification. However, in order to use Google Voice, you must have a Google Voice number.

Via Hangouts software on mobile, people in India can call internationally for free using the Internet. To utilize Google Voice and Hangouts, you will need a U.S. phone number.

Gmail account and phone number. How to get a Google Voice account and the US mobile number anywhere in the world.

Useful posts about getting a US-based mobile number. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Any other options have you considered for a free US cellphone number?

If you'd like, please let everyone know in the comments area.

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