How to Use One Whatsapp Account on Two Phones without Whatsapp Web?

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In this article let's discuss How to Use One Whatsapp Account on Two Phones without Whatsapp Web?

First of all, we need to understand that using multiple WhatsApp account of a single phone number is not an official process. Terms and conditions mentioned by WhatsApp switching from one device to another frequently itself is not an activity and your home may be suspended or restricted from verifying the phone number.

How to use whatsapp acount on two phones without whatsapp web

There are updates on different news channels that WhatsApp is working on using the same phone number on multiple devices however there is no official confirmation that is published on WhatsApp's official website.

The answer to the question of how to use one WhatsApp account on two phones without WhatsApp web is no. It is not possible to execute this process at this point in time. However, let's discuss the alternative options that are available in the market right now. 

We will be able to use WhatsApp on your smartphone and also on your computer by taking advantage of WhatsApp. There is also a workaround where we can download the third-party mobile applications on your secondary Android phone and gain access to the same WhatsApp number. However, this process will not be like using a WhatsApp application on your phone instead it is similar to using WhatsApp web on the smartphone rather than on the computer.

How to Use One Number WhatsApp in Two Devices like phone and PC?

I am here to discuss, different options available to insert two different devices like a Smartphone and your computer. You can follow the instructions given below to access your WhatsApp account using WhatsApp web.

Step 1: On PC or Mac open web page – '

Step 2: On your Phone go to the top right side, click on three dots.

Step 3: Go to the WhatsApp Web option.

Step 4: Scan the QR code.

How to Use One Number WhatsApp in Two Android Devices?

In order to execute this option, you have access to the secondary Android phone. Later just follow the instructions given below to have it done

Step 1: Install Whatsscan Pro on your secondary android device.
Step 2: Open the app installation and click on the Whatscan option.
Step 3: You will get a screen with a Whatsapp Web QR code.
Step 4: Open your primary phone to scan the QR and use the same.

How to Use WhatsApp on 3 Devices?

You will be able to use your same WhatsApp number on your computer browser and your smartphone simultaneously. However, using WhatsApp on 3 devices pretty impossible. If this is doable anyone can the WhatsApp account of any other person just like that and it will lead to a lot of confusion. Privacy issues.

Hence, it is not possible to use WhatsApp on three devices with the same phone number.

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