How to Send Video From Facebook Messenger to Whatsapp on Android

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This article shares information on How to Send Video From Facebook Messenger to Whatsapp on Android?

People can send videos to others using WhatsApp Messenger as a private chat. We can always share the video content anywhere within the Facebook network. However, it remains outside the Facebook network is not available at this point in time.

We will discuss the alternative options available to transfer or share video content from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp of any contact.

How to Send Video From Facebook Messenger to Whatsapp on Android

When I was researching on the internet, there were several options available that will help you to share video content from FB Messenger to WhatsApp. I have shared the summary of those answers. Hope this will help you.

Option 1: Download the Video from Messenger and Upload it to Whatsapp

You can download the video that you watch on Facebook messenger by uploading it to WhatsApp. In order to download the video in messenger, Hold on to the Video and Tap on ‘SAVE Video’ option.

Once saved, open the file location where it is saved. Now, click on the More option in the File menu option and share it with the WhatsApp contact with whom you need to share it.

Option 2: Copy Video link and share it on Whatsapp

The most simple and effective method is to copy the link of the video from Facebook messenger and shared it on WhatsApp. 

By this method, it is very easy to share and the selling process is very instant because there is only a link that is being sent to the recipient

Option 3: Download the Video using Vidmate and share it on Whatsapp

Vidmate is an Android application that offers the opportunity to download any video from Facebook. As discussed in option one you can share this video after downloading it and send it to the recipient on WhatsApp.

You may follow any of the options mentioned to share the video and you will get the content shaped with the recipient immediately provided if the internet connection is active.
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