How To Read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Messenger | This Message Was Deleted

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 Hello whats'up guys and welcome back. Today we are going to see how to read deleted messages from your WhatsApp messenger and here you can see this is my new android mobile and this is my friend android mobile. 

So I try to send the one message from my friend android mobile to my android mobile, so here I try to send " Hai " and here you can see this message is received successfully and then it shows " Hai ". 

So after the sometimes I try to delete this message from my friend's android mobile. So here I try to select " Delete for everyone ".

And here you can see it shows " This message was deleted. So how to read this deleted message?.

This method is only working by installing the following application.

So how to do it?... Just go to your google play store. In this search bar section, you can type " Notisave ". This application name is called " Notisave-save notifications " you can click to install this application and the file size is nearly 2 you can wait for some time. Once the installation is completed, you can click to open this application.

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Now it's starting to loading...and it shows "Allow access to notifications", so you can click to " Allow ".

Then also click to enable this accessibility setting, so you can click to " Next ". In this notification access section you can locate that " Notisave " application, then click to enable it and click to " Allow ". Then once again go back to your application.

So finally this application is installed successfully and all the settings are ready to use.

Now once again i try to send one message from my friend's mobile. I try to send " Hi how are you ". Once your message is typed, just click on the " Send " icon.

Here you can see on my mobile it shows " Hi how are you " after some time. I try to delete this message. Here you can see it shows " This message was deleted " and in the following, it shows "Hi how are you ".

So this is the way you can read your deleted messages in your WhatsApp messenger. 

You can watch the same content as a Youtube video below:

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