How do I Download and Install WhatsApp on My Android Phone?

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How do I Download and Install Whatsapp on My Android Phone? is dedicated content written exclusively for people who are beginners and dummies looking forward to exploring the advantages of using Whatsapp on your Android phone. If you are a person who is already using WhatsApp on your android phone, I suggest you stop reading this post right away as it contains the information that you already know. 

How to Download Install WhatsApp on Android Phone

If you are having an Android phone it is not necessary that WhatsApp must support your version. If you bought a new phone as it must support your WhatsApp latest version As it may be compatible.

You can check out the list of Android phones that cannot install WhatsApp.

If you are fictitious whether your phone supports are not installed WhatsApp you don't need to take a test instead just go to the play store and search for WhatsApp if it is compatible you will see an option to download install.

How do I Install WhatsApp on My Android Phone?

Steps to Download and Install Whatsapp on Your Android Phone

  • Open Play Store on your android phone
  • Search for Whatsapp in the Search Box
  • In the results look for the app developer named Whatsapp LLC.
  • Click on Download and Install.
You are done.

How to Download WhatsApp on Tablet

If you're facing problem with installing Whatsapp on a tablet device, in this post, I am going to tell you how you can install Whatsapp on any Android tablet.

Be it a calling tablet, which comes with a phone facility or without. You can install it on Wi-Fi-only tablets as well it has to be an Android tablet that needs to run the Android operating system.

This technique works for any issues like:

How to Install WhatsApp on Tablet without SIM

How to Install WhatsApp on Tablet without Phone Number

How to Install Whatsapp on Android Tablet?

Now, you will go to Play Store and will see that there is a message which says your device isn't compatible with this version. What this simply means is that the Play Store detects that your device is not compatible. Else WhatsApp is not designed to work with your device's android version.

But if you still want to run WhatsApp, all you need to do is just open the browser and type in

So you can click on it through your android browser after you do it, you will go to this address. You will get a download now' button which will not take you to the Play Store but give you an apk file of the latest version.

So at the time when we are downloading it is showing me the version number which is 2 dot 11.2 9 4 and this will download the apk file. When I hit download now it will give me a warning that you are trying to install an apk.

I will just say ok and it downloads anyways after you start downloading you will see that the apk starts downloading here and once the apk download finishes let me show you how to install it.

So it will take a while depending on your connection speed and after a few minutes, the download completes and I'll take you to the file directly. So it says whatsapp dot apk. So if you have not installed an apk earlier, it will say install blocked. This means that there is a security setting that is enabled which blocks the outside installs.

Once the security settings on your phone that block your third-party mobile application installation released you will be able to install the apk file that is downloaded and start using WhatsApp successfully on your tablet.

I would like to live a word of caution that this technique does not work for every tablet out there however it may work for you and I wish you the best of luck.

If you still fail to install WhatsApp on the tablet which you have due to compatibility issues It's time to upgrade your capture to the latest one. And investment at the right time is the greatest choice that anyone been to take upgrading to the technology that is the latest is going to save you lots of time effort and ultimately money.

You can check out the collection of different Android devices that is available on Amazon you can buy it right now and stop installing WhatsApp to enjoy your own phone. 

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