How to Find the Name of Any Objects Around Us Immediately [100% Working Method]

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In our day to day life we are surrounded by several objects that are natural and artificial and man made too. For several products we can find out the name along the product name. It is not that easy to find out the exact name of it. Taking advantage of the latest technologies in place that is available for every person holding and can easily identified the name product within few seconds.

How to Find the Name of Any Objects Around Us?

In order to proceed further to find out any object name around as we need to install the Android application named Lookout by Google. Installing the application you need to login with your Google account and open with your camera settings automatically the object will be scanned and the name of the object will be dictated.

Steps to Install Google Look Out App

  1. Open Google play store app on your phone
  2. Search for lookout by Google app
  3. Click Install
  4. Click Open
  5. Login with your Google Account
Now you can select the explore option and scan any product to know its name.


Hope you learned how to find the name of any object. This app is useful for blind people find objects front of them. We can use this to find the list of things around us and its pictures.

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