How to Convert any Text in Hard Copy to Soft Copy in 5 Seconds [100% Working Method]

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In this article we will learn how to convert any text in a hard copy to soft copy in 5 seconds. You don't need to be a text heavy to implement and practice this conversion technique. Are you need is an Android or iPhone and an application named Lookout by Google.

Free Application look out by Google has several features and one of the future is capture document which can capture the image and read text inside and convert into a soft copy in few seconds. We can share the soft copy and copy and paste it in different locations wherever we need.

This technique helps us to convert any hard copy into a soft copy in a fraction of second. How to convert the text in a hard copy into a soft copy using Google Lookout application.

Requirements for Converting a Hard Copy into a Soft Copy Text

  1. An android phone
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Google Lookout App

Steps to Install Google Lookout App on Your Android Phone

You will be able to install the Lookout app immediately just by following these steps given below
  1. Open Google Play store from your phone tray or menu
  2. Search for Lookout app developed by Google
  3. Click to Install
  4. After installing, open the application and login with your google account of your choice.

Steps to Converting a Hard Copy into a Soft Copy Text

  1. Take any paper or card board or visiting card that contains text.
  2. Open Google Lookout app on your smartphone
  3. Select the Scan Document option
  4. Scan the text on the hard copy and hold it still
  5. The lookout app will convert the hard copy text into a soft copy in 3 to 5 seconds.


Option of converting text any hardware to soft copy is a great opportunity for people looking forward to generate the content from hard copy to soft copy. For free and easy to access. Taking the advantage of this feature will add value to your project and also save me in your date today productive activity.
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