Whatsapp Payment Option not Showing on Android and iPhone [Resolved]

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 If you are actively using Whats App and the WhatsApp payment option not showing on other Android phone it is a write article that you must read. Read the article till the end to get your issue resolved.

Starting from November 6 2020 WhatsApp has offer the option to send payment to your contacts and family members. Secured payment option enabled by WhatsApp is as simple as sending a text message to your family member are your contact. 

Whatsapp Payment Option Not Showing on Android and iPhone

It is considered as a safe method and the easy method of transferring money rather than meeting the person and saying the cash or going to a local bank when you are staying in a long distance.

The WhatsApp online payment system is considered as the India's first real-time payment system that offers the transactions with 160 banks in India. Feature is designed with special partnership with the National Payment Corporation of India in NPCL using the unified payment interface called UPI.

Requirements for Transferring Money Via Whtsapp in India

In order to transfer money through WhatsApp in India the individual should have a bank account under debit card from India. Payment option is available on both Android and IOS with the latest version. If you are unable to see the payment option appearing on your WhatsApp interface I suggest you to update your latest version of your WhatsApp business or a personal account. . You be able to see the option to transfer the payment. 

Steps to set up WhatsApp payment option on android and iphone

Just be following the simple steps in given below you will be able to enable or configure the payment option available on your WhatsApp account.

Step 1: For Android, after opening WhatsApp there will be three vertical dots appearing on the right hand side of the application. If you are using iOS application unit 1 click on the settings option that is available at the bottom right hand corner of the app.

Step 2: Out of the available options select the payment options and then select add payment method. You will be required to accept WhatsApp payment policies you just need to click on accept and continue to proceed further.

Step 3: List of options containing the banks name and you need to select one of the bank which used to make the payments. If you are having multiple back of bank accounts please refer to use the account which you want to use for payments with WhatsApp. SMS and notification will be sent to the registered mobile number on your bank account it is important to ensure that the WhatsApp number and the Bank contact number is the same.

Step 4: You will be required to setup the pin code for the up transaction once your mobile number verification is completed. 

We are all set to initiate transaction via WhatsApp on Android and iPhones.

I Am not Getting the Payment Option in WhatsApp Even After Updating What Should I Do?

In general you must get the option of payment under the menu section of your WhatsApp mobile application. However in some specific situations scenarios and cases the WhatsApp payment option is not visible. Specific technical reason behind this issue is not a identified however there is a workaround that can be followed and fix it immediately.

Step 1: Connect with any of your contact and ask them whether the WhatsApp payment option is enabled on there.

Step 2: Ask them to raise a payment request to your WhatsApp number.

Step 3: You will receive the prompt with an action to set up your payment information. Just follow the onscreen instructions and complete the payment settings and you will be able to send and receive payment to any WhatsApp payment enabled application and contact.
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