Can I Forward a Whatsapp Message to Email?

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I was recently browsing through whats app and I suddenly thought Can I Forward a Whats app Message to Email? 

Immediately I selected a particular message and shocked to see, I did not have an option to forward my whats app message to my email. Hence, decided to write this article. After reading this, you will be able to understand weather it is possible to forward a Whats app message to an email or not.

Can I Forward a Whatsapp Message to Email

How to Forward Whatsapp Messages to Email?

The direct answer for the above option is no. However, there are other solutions that may potentially support your requirements partially. Even though we will not be able to forward individual messages to email, we can forward the chat history of an individual person or a group to your preferred email.

  • Open Whatsapp and select the individual person or a group
  • Tap on the Menu Button
  • Tap on More Button 
  • Tap on Email chat Option
  • Choose weather you want to attach the media
All the chat history will be attached as a text file to your email address.

Note: Every email client has their own restrictions in attaching a file. If the file size is heavy,  the email can't be sent. Hence, you prefer not to attach media while exporting the document to email.

When media is selected, up to 10,000 latest messages will be exported. However, if you select not to attach media up to 40,000 latest messages can be exported.

Moreover, we all know that whatsapp uses end to end encryption technology. In this technology methods, connecting or interacting with third party application is not supported. Hence, it will be impossible to configure whatsapp messages to forward automatically to an email client or other application.

If you find it difficult to use whatsapp on your android or iPhone, you may prefer to use whatsapp option that is offered officially. 

You may watch the same content on Youtube in the embedded video below:

Please follow the steps given below to use WhatsApp Web

  1. Visit 
  2. Open your Whatsapp Application on your phone
  3. Tap the three dot vertical button 
  4. Select whatsapp Web from the available option
  5. A QR Code scanner will automatically open.
  6. Scan the QR code that is displayed on your whatsapp Web Window
  7. You will be able to use Whatsapp Web now
Note: You need to have your smartphone handy to continue to use whatsapp.


I hope I tried to explain the concept using the practical challenges in the topic Can I Forward a Whats app Message to Email? If you are aware about any other option, you can suggest the idea in the comment section. I will be more than happy to add it to the above content. 

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