Adcom Mobile Phones

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Find Adcom Mobile Phones with all latest, upcoming phones list. Also find Adcom 4g smartphones, camera phones & best Adcom Smart Phones with price, specifications, and reviews.

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Latest Adcom Mobile Phones

The mobile phone and smartphones manufactured by Adcom are subject to frequent innovation and upgradations. New gadgets are manufactured and released almost every now and then. With respect to the Adcom brand, We must upgrade yourself to the latest technology to be competent in the industry.

We have handpicked the list of latest mobile phones from Adcom. You can find the list that is shared below:

Upcoming Adcom Phones list

New releases are always interesting and exciting. We tried our best to find the list of upcoming Adcom Phone list, unfortunately, there are no new releases planned at this time. 

Adcom 4G, LTE, VoLTE Smartphones, Camera Phones

As the new model phones are manufactured with the latest technologies, we wish we could get the Adcom 4G Smartphones in the market. As there is no 4G, LTE and VoLTE supported Adcom smartphones, we are unable to display the list. Hope the new technologically upgraded devices are released very soon.

Adcom VoLTE Supported Phones

Adcom phones are not manufactured with VoLTE support. VoLTE stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution. Hence, you can not find the list of Adcom VoLTE supported phones here.

Best Adcom Mobile Phones Price

Adcom Mobiles Below 8,000 INR.

Adcom Mobiles Price List Price
Adcom A530 Rs. 8,413
Adcom KitKat A54 Rs. 4,547
Adcom Thunder A-500 Rs. 3,800
Adcom Thunder A440+ Rs. 3,398
Adcom KitKat A40 Rs. 2,808
Adcom KitKat A35 Rs. 2,702

Adcom Phone Specifications

Model Number Display Processor Front Camera Resolution Battery Capacity
Adcom KitKat A40 4.00-inch 1.2GHz quad-core 1.3-megapixel 480x800 pixels 1650mAh
Adcom KitKat A35 3.50-inch 1.2GHz 1.3-megapixel 320x480 pixels 1400mAh
Adcom Thunder A440+ 4.00-inch 1.2GHz dual-core 1.3-megapixel 480x800 pixels 1350mAh
Adcom Thunder A430+ 4.00-inch 1.2GHz dual-core 1.3-megapixel 480x800 pixels 2000mAh
Adcom Thunder A-350i 3.50-inch 1GHz 0.3-megapixel 320x480 pixels 1250mAh
Adcom A-400i 4.00-inch 1GHz 0.3-megapixel 320x480 pixels 1200mAh
Adcom Thunder A-500 5.00-inch 1.2GHz dual-core 0.3-megapixel 540x960 pixels 2800mAh
Adcom A530 5.30-inch dual-core 0.3-megapixel
Adcom A400 4.00-inch 1GHz 0.3-megapixel
Model Number RAM OS Storage Rear Camera
Adcom KitKat A40 256MB Android 4.4.4 512MB 2-megapixel
Adcom KitKat A35 256MB Android 4.4.2 512MB 2-megapixel
Adcom Thunder A440+ 512MB Android 4.4 4GB 3-megapixel
Adcom Thunder A430+ 512MB Android 4.2 4GB 3.2-megapixel
Adcom Thunder A-350i 256MB Android 2.3 512MB 2-megapixel
Adcom A-400i 256MB Android 4.0 512MB 2-megapixel
Adcom Thunder A-500 512MB Android 4.1 4GB 2-megapixel
Adcom A530 512MB Android 4.1 4GB 8-megapixel
Adcom A400 512MB Android 4.0 3.2-megapixel

Adcom Phone Reviews

Click on the respective mdel number below to view the reviews about Adcom phones.

Adcom Kitkat A54 Reviews
Adcom Kitkat A40 Reviews
Adcom Kitkat A35 Reviews
Adcom Thunder A440+ Reviews
Adcom Thunder A430+ Reviews
Adcom Thunder A-350I Reviews
Adcom A-400I Reviews
Adcom Thunder A-500 Reviews
Adcom A530 Reviews
Adcom A400 Reviews

Adcom A350 Reviews

Search Terms Related to Adcom Mobile Phones

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Adcom Mobile Phones Conclusion

We hope that you have received all the information related to Adcom Mobile Phones. If you have any other information or feedback about Adcom phones, you may share it as a comment in the comment box below. 

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