MyJio App Review : Step-by-Step Guide to Download and Manage Your Jio Services

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Myjio app is a gateway for all jio services. By downloading Myjio app on your android or iPhone, you can install all the 12 Jio Apps from Myjio App itself. 

I have written a detailed blog post containing the Jio Apps and their details. You can read them here.

MyJio App Complete Guide

The MyJio App is designed very user-friendly. Anyone with basic android phone navigation knowledge can use it. The left side of the App contains the operation menu. Your Jio number will be displayed on the top center. In the right side top screen, you will have a link to install all jio Apps.

The home has the latest offers and the option to check the usage of your jio account.

Myjio App Homescreen Dashboard

Why Should I How to Download MyJio App?

MyJio is the parent app for all other jio applications. By downloading and installing this app on your phone, you can perform the below-mentioned actions without logging in. It will make all your jio related services easy.

You gain access to the following features from MyJio App Dashboard

  • Track Order
  • Quick Recharge
  • Quick Bill Pay
  • Find a Store or Hotspot
  • Jio Care
  • Sign Up
  • Sign In
  • Forgot Password
  • Sign In With SIM
  • Settings
  • My Plans
  • Statement
  • Recharge History
  • Recharge Other Number 
  • Invite Friends
  • Manage Device
  • Check Balance
  • Recharge
  • Usage
  • Link New Account

Jio Guys, hope you understand now why you should have MyJio Apps installed on your Android or iPhone.

You can download Myjio App and install it on different devices like Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and PC.

I have written detailed instructions on how to install jio apps on different devices. I suggest you read them for better understanding.

Android | iPhone Windows Phone

Track Order

You can enter your Jio Number or Order reference number to know your current status of the order. Open Jio app and click on the menu button on the left side top menu.

Track order will be the first option. You will get a box to enter Jio number or order number. Enter the desired number and click on submit.

Quick Recharge

The second option available is the Quick recharge for jio services. You can recharge your Mobile and JiFi, WiFi Hotspot, Home Broadband, Jio Link and Jio Apps.

Just tap on the drop down menu and select your service. Now, enter your Jio Number, Mobile Number or Email address and click on submit.

The next screen will display the recharge options. It will have 3 sections

  • Plans - It has Monthly plans (Rs.149, Rs.303, and Rs.499), Sachet (Rs.19, Rs.49 and rs.96), and Long-Term (Rs.999, Rs.1999, Rs.4999 and Rs.9999
  • Booster - The booster pack contains data packs for Rs.51 and Rs.301
  • Extras (Top-Up) - It has Full talk time (Rs.100, Rs.150, Rs.200, Rs.300, Rs.500, Rs.750, Rs.1000, Rs.2000 and 5000) and Regular Talk Time plans (Top-up Rs.20 and Rs.50)
You can select your preferred number and complete the online recharge. It is not required to login to Jio App account. You can do it without logging into the account.

Quick Bill Pay

The bill pay plan allows you to pay bills for your postpaid numbers. You need to feed your jio phone number and the amount to be paid. Now, click on proceed and follow the onscreen instructions. 

If you have entered a prepaid jio number, then the bill payment will not work. It will throw an error stating, you are on a plan which automatically renews every month. Changes are not allowed in this plan.

Find a Store or Hotspot Nearby

It allows you to track the nearest Jio Care center, Digital Xpress Mini or RJIL showroom nearby. You can track and visit the customer care for any assistance.

I have written detailed steps on How to Find a Jio Store. Please read this article for detailed instructions.

Jio Care

Gain access to the frequently asked questions about jio and call jio customer care from the Jio care section of MyJio App. The FAQ section covers questions in the following sections:

  • Jio Prime
  • Self Help
  • Jio Offers
  • Apps
  • Services and Devices and
  • Online Shopping

Directly call jio customer care number (1800889999) from MyJio app by tapping on the Call Jio button. The number will be displayed on the screen. Hold it near your ear and the call will be dialed automatically.

Sign Up to Jio Using MyJip App

Once you have received your Jio SIM and activated your service, you can sign up with jio from Myjio app. This account can be used to access jio service from a mobile device where the Jio SIM is not available.

You can follow the steps below to sign up:
  • Click on the Sign Up button
  • Enter your Jio Number or Jio Customer ID.
  • Click on "Generate OTP"
You will receive the OTP (One Time Password) to your Jio number. Enter the OTP manually if required. You will be required to fill all the details requested to have the account creation completed.

If your account is already active, you will receive a notification stating the Jio account is already activated for the number.

Hope you got some idea about the purpose of downloading MyJio App on your Android or iPhone. Let us see the other features of the MyJio apps further.

MyJio App Login: Sign In From MyJio App

You can manage your broadband, Wi-Fi, voice & other services securely. You may login to Jio service on Myjio app using two ways.
  1. Sign In option
  2. Sign in with Jio SIM

1. Sign In Option

  • Click on the Sign in button
  • Enter your Jio ID or Jio Number
  • Enter your password and click on sign in.
If all the information is correct, you will be taken into your personalized account. 

1.1.Reset Password From MyJio App

If the password is incorrect, you can reset the password by using the Forgot Password link. Just click on forgot password. You need to provide anyone of the information like Jio Number, Jio ID or email address.

An OTP will be sent to the Jio number. Enter the OTP and set your new password.  Your password must contain 8 to 30 characters, at least one number and one alphabet.

2. Sign in with Jio SIM

Sign in with SIM is the easiest way to access Jio account without any hassle. The only condition is that you can use this option only when an active Jio SIM is installed on the phone. Just tap on Sign in with SIM and you will login to MyJio App.

If you are unable to login, you can use your jio ID and password to login.

Check Reliance Jio Web Login for accessing reliance Jio services from your web browser.

Jio Guys, you can do a lot more with Myjio App after logging inside. We will be sure to explore those features too.

The features like Jio Care, Find Nearest Jio Stores are same irrespective of whether you are logged in or not.

For your convenience, I have shared the screenshot of the Myjio App Menu after logging in:

Myjio App Menu
Image Credit: Appkzonar
Let us discuss the function of each menu and how to make use of them effectively for better results.


Under settings tab, you can upload your profile photo. It is classified into two categories.

  • Personal Details
  • Settings

Personal Details:

The personal details section contains your:

  • Date of Birth
  • Registered Mobile Number (Jio Number)
  • Email Address (Used to Login to Jio Web Service)
  • Alternative contact number (Supplied during activating Jio SIM)
  • The residential address as mentioned on Aadhaar Card.


Under settings, you have the following options:

  • Manage Accounts (Link new account)
  • Change Password
  • Way To Contact (SMS and Email)
  • Communication Language (English and Hindi)
  • Do Not Disturb 
  • About (Details about reliance Jio App version)

My Plans

The My Plans section holds all the information related to your jio number's calling plan. It will have two parts. Current Plan and Upcoming Plan.

The offer name will be mentioned. It will also show your number is a prepaid or postpaid number.

The condition related to the plan will be described. For example:

  1. HD Voice
  2. Data (High-Speed data up to 1GB per day. Post usage offered at 128Kbps)
  3. HD Video
  4. SMS
  5. Jio apps
The expiry date and time also will be mentioned on this screen.

Jio Care

Get in touch with the easy support for your jio digital service. It has 4 types of support. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Live Chat
  • Call Now
  • Service Request

Frequently Asked Questions

You can answer for the FAQ in all sections. The Major section includes Jio Prime, Self Help, Jio Offers, Apps, Services and Devices, and Online Shopping.


Select the date range and obtain the billing statement. The conditions are, you can only view bill for 30 days range and the maximum days you can view bills are for 180 days.

Recharge History

The recharge history will give access to the last five recharges done. You can click on each recharge amount and view the details of the Jio number recharged and the payment mode used like Jio Money, Credit card, debit card and Net banking.

Invite Friend

You can invite your non-jio users to Jio by sharing them an invite message. Just tap on the Invite friend section. You will get all the contacts on your phone. You can manually select the contacts or use the Select all button and send bulk invites.

Your friends will get the invitation to jio jio service and gain access to unlimited calls, HD Voice, Data and entertainment.

Recharge Another Number

You can recharge any other jio number related to the following services:

  • Mobile & JioFi
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Home Broadband
  • Jio Link
  • Jio Apps
Just select the appropriate category and enter the Jio number/mobile number or email id. Now click on submit. You will get the calling plan and offer details. Select the preferred plan and proceed by clicking on the blue colored button containing calling plan cost.

You will be taken to the payment gateway page. The accepted payment methods are:

  • QuickPay
  • Jio Money (Rs.50 Cashback on every Recharge)
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card + ATM PIN
  • Internat banking
  • UPI
The same options can be used for Paybill For Another Number option. 

For the detailed clarification and bill plans for reliance jio, please explore the article Jio Bill Plans

Find a Store or a Hotspot

It enables you to find the nearest reliance digital showroom, Reliance Xpress Mini, and RJIL Showroom nearby. It is not required to log in to Jio App for getting this details. Based on your device's location, the Geolocator will suggest the nearest service centres.

For easy and step-by-Step guide to find the nearest service centers, please read Find a Jio Store.


As the title suggests, tap on the logout button to exit the app.

Hope the step-by-Step instructions to download and manage your jio services helped you. We value your opinion and let us know which section of the Myjio App you got the assistance?

Is there anything else you need support with MyJio App?

Are you facing any issues with MyJio app on your device?

Ask your questions in the comment box below.

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