Download Reliance Jio Apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone


1. Steps to Download Reliance Jio Apps on Android Device?

You download all jio apps in three ways. 

  1. Download from Google Play Store
  2. Install from computer/PC/Laptop remotely
  3. Download the APK file from internet.

1.1. Download Jio Apps from Google Play Store

You can download the jio Apps from Google Play Store by following the steps below:

  • Open Google Play Store on your android phone
  • Search for the preferred jio app by entering the name
  • Click on "Install" to download the app on your phone.
download jio apps for android, iphone and windows phones

1.2. Install Jio Apps From Computer/PC/Laptop Remotely

If you do not have access to your phone, you can still install the jio apps remotely from a computer. You must have the following to complete the setup:

  • Internet connection on your computer
  • Internet connection on your mobile phone (Android or iPhone)
  • Valid accessible Google or Gmail account
  • The mail account must be configured on the android device.
Let us see the steps to install Jio Apps on your phone from computer or laptop

  • Open any web browser like Chrome, FireFox or Opera. 
  • Visit from your computer. 
  • Sign in to the google account using username and password. The account must be same the account on your phone.
  • In the search box, search for your favorite jio app and click on search
  • You will get the suggestions. Select the app and click on install.
The app will be installed on your phone when it gains access to the Internet.

1.3. Download the Reliance Jio App APK File From Internet

Another option available to install your jio apps is to download them from the Internet. You will get the APK file. You need to install it on your phone. 

  1. Open Google and search for Jio Apps APK File download.
  2. Download the APK file on your mobile device.
  3. After downloading, open the setup file where it is stored.
  4. Tap on it to begin the installation.
  5. You will receive a notification to allow installing third-party apps.
  6. Select yes and enable third party software installation on your android device.
  7. The app will be installed on your phone.


Similar to installing jio apps for android, we can also download jio apps for iPhones too. Please ensure that your iPhone is 4G enabled or LTE or VoLTE supported.

You can follow the steps below to install jio apps on your iPhone:

  1. From the home screen of your apple device, tap on “App Store
  2. Tap on “Search” along the top of the phone.
  3. Type Jio Apps on the search box
  4. You will get the suggestion of apps.
  5. Scroll down and select the app you prefer.
  6. Click on the blue color button named free.
  7. Now click on install.
  8. You will be prompted for user credentials for validation. Enter and complete the validation.
  9. Wait till the progress bar disappears.

3. Can I Download Jio Apps for Window's Phone?

No, while you can use jio service on 4G and LTE, VoLTE enabled windows phones, the jio apps are not compatible with windows Lumia phones manufactured by Nokia and Microsoft.


It is possible that the app may not be installed due to some reason. If you are facing some problem, please refer to the below-mentioned issues. You may troubleshoot accordingly.

Few scenarios where a mobile app will not be installed are:

  • Absence of active internet connection
  • Data pack might have been expired
  • No space in the phone's internal memory. Insufficient space
Please check the above issue and fix it accordingly. If insufficient space is the issue, please uninstall few unwanted apps, delete some WhatsApp videos. 
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