Can I Download JioMusic App for Windows Phone?

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No, you can not download JioMusic App for Nokia Lumia phones manufactured by Nokia or Microsoft. The primary reason being JioMusic App is available only for Android and iOS devices at this time.

When Will JioMusic App for Windows Will be Launched?

The official jio website has not released any confirmed statement for JioMusic or any other Jio apps for windows platform. They have mentioned that the app for windows phone on the road map. They may update us once launched.

But, do not worry. We have discussed the best alternatives apps below. Please have a look at the and you may like it.

Jio Music App for Windows Phone

Best JioMusic App Alternative for Windows Phone

Now, we understand very clearly that JioMusic App is not available for windows phone. It doesn't mean that it is the end of the road. There are other alternative apps available in windows store.

Let us explore the windows apps that can serve the purpose similar to JioMusic App.

Hot Music Windows Music App

Hot Music for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8 is similar to JioMusic App. You can listen, download to a huge list of songs.

It has the option to download the songs in the background. Listen to cache music offline. Even though it is a free app, the languages supported are very less. While it has international songs in its database, It is not guaranteed that you will get the songs from your local languages.

Music MP3 Unlimited Downloader

Music mp3 unlimited downloader is yet another free music app to download and listen to songs offline. It offers you the feature to search the song with song and album by track name or artists. 

Compared to other apps in the window's store, Music mp3 unlimited downloader will be your better companion for listening to music when you are alone. 

Music Cloud

Music Cloud is a cloud app that provides the option to listen to music on your windows phone. It is a music player, downloader and a cloud application. 

It contains top 100 songs in 36 genres from 100 plus countries. As all the songs played here are from, you can listen to songs in this app via too.

We can download the song and save it on our internal memory or SD card on the phone. 

Supports offline and online service to listen to the music. 

The reviews in windows Apps store states, it is a very good app and one should go for it without a second thought.

JioMusic App for Windows Phone Conclusion

I hope the alternative options suggested here might have helped you. It is the time to install any of your best apps and listen to the music.

If you are a windows phone user, please let us know what are the other alternative options you have to listen to online music?

Please enter your comments and ideas, we will be glad to know them.
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