Can I Download Jio 4G Voice App for Samsung W2017 Mobile?

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Yes, you can download and install jio 4G Voice android app on your Samsung W2017 Mobile. This Samsung model supports only 4G/LTE.

You can only use data connection by default. Once you download the jio4Gvoice app on your phone, you can place HD calls to other members.

How to Use Jio SIM in Samsung W2017 Android Phone?

After getting Jio SIM card, you need to first activate jio data service. It is because as Samsung W2017 is only 4G/LTE phone, you will not be able to place calls. But, you can start using the internet once the SIM is activated.

  • You can call 1977 from your Jio SIM for completing the tele-verification process.
  • You must keep your document details like Voter ID or Adhaar card because this will speed up the verification process.

Steps to Install Jio4GVoice App on Samsung W2017 Mobile

You can download and install jio4Gvoice app from Google play store. Once installed and the data is connected, you can place calls to any number based on your jio calling plan.
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