Is it Possible to Make Calls Using Jio4GVoice without Jio Network?

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No, it is not possible to make phone calls using jio4gvoice app without jio network. Any jio app must have an active jio network. If you try to connect using a WiFi connection or data connection from a different provider, the app will not work. You will receive an error.

How to Check Whether Jio4GVoice App is Working?

Jio4G Voice app works on every android phone OS versions with 4.0 and above. The will not be downloaded or installed if your phone model does not support jiojoin app. In order to have jio4gvoice app working, the network status must be "online". If it is offline, you will not be able to send SMS, files, make calls. 

  • Drag the phone's notification tray from the top.
  • Look for Jio4gVoice App logo
  • The logo will be in Green color if the app is online.
  • The logo will be graded out if the app is offline.

Alternative Options to Make Calls When Jio4gVoice is Offline or Jio Network is not Available

It is possible that you may have a situation where you will not be connected to jio network. If no jio network, then it is a pure no for all jio services. Let us discuss the alternative options to make calls or communicate with our friends.

I suggest installing the following apps. Once we have them on our phone, they may be a good alternative for making video and audio calls, sending files and sharing multimedia messages.

  • Whatsapp - For sharing files and Multimedia files
  • IMO Messenger - For Great Quality audio and video calls 
  • Hike
  • We Chat
Hope the information shared above might be of good help. Please share your experience in using jio join app/jio4gvoice app while the jio network is unavailable.
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