Can I Use Jio 4G Voice App on Acer Android Mobiles?

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About Acer

Acer is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology and is headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan. They manufacture Business desktops, Business notebooks, Chromebooks, Computer displays, Consumer desktop, Consumer notebooks, Enterprise communication, Gaming (Predator), IoT Starter Kit, Smartphones, Projectors, Servers and storage, Tablets, Wearables, Virtual Reality Headsets. Acer operates in multiple countries like North America, Australia, India, Indonesia and Europe.

What is Android Operating System?

Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google. Essentially, Google produces the software that runs almost every other mobile phone besides Apple's iPhone. There are also some popular Android tablets as well. Android is a Linux-based software system, and similar to Linux, is free and open source software

What is Jio4GVoice App?

Jio4GVoice uses your Jio SIM number on your Acer mobile to help you make & receive calls from any mobile or landline number. You can also send SMS to any mobile number. Jio4GVoice brings TRUE 4G/ VoLTE high-definition voice and video calling on your existing 2G, 3G, 4G smartphone.

You can use Jio4GVoice with a Jio SIM either in the phone or in a JioFi connected to your phone. To turn your device from ‘smart’ to ‘super’ all you need is a Jio SIM. Jio4GVoice will do the rest. Enjoy Rich Communication features with any Jio4GVoice user on any smartphone, including VoLTE phones.

List of Acer Android Mobiles

If you are using a smartphone from Acer and trying to use jio join or jio4Gonline App, please click on the respective link and find the detailed information about how to download, how to install, how to uninstall, how to troubleshoot issues while using Jio Join App.

How to Check Whether Acer Android Mobiles Supports Jio4GVoice App

As per the recent update from Reliance jio team, we can convert any 2G, 3G phones to 4G or LTE, VoLTE enabled phones. Hence, you will be able to use jio4GVoice app on your Acer phones. If the Jio4GVoice app is not compatible with your handset, the app will not be installed or will never work.

Steps to Download Jio4GVoice APK for Acer Android Mobiles

Please follow the steps below to search and download reliance jio4GVoice app APK on your Acer android phone.

  • 1.       Visit .com
  • 2.       Search for “Jio4GVoice APK” in the google search box.
  • 3.       You will get the list of websites with the details to download the app
  • 4.       Click on the website and click on the link to the jio4GVoice pack.

The apk file will be downloaded to your phone’s internal memory. Later, open the folder to which the downloaded file is available and click on to install.
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