Why Can't I connect to Jio4GOnline on My Phone?

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If you can't connect to Jio4GOnline app on your phone, this is usually caused by a problem with your Internet connection or your phone's settings.

If you are a new jio user with LTE supported (Non-VoLTE) and your Jio4Gonline app is not connecting, please continue to read this post to troubleshoot and fix it. Even if your Jio network is showing signal, your jio join app will show offline. You can still use a data connection if the network signal is available.

Steps to Fix Jio4Gonline Connection Error

You can follow the following steps to fix any error related to the offline error on your phone.

  • Restart your phone. You can restart from your settings or by selecting the restart option by long pressing the respective button on your phone.
  • Update Jio4Gonline App to the latest version available on Google Play, iTunes.
  • Open your phone's Settings app > More > and turn Airplane mode on and off. 
  • Open your phone's Settings app > Data usage > and make sure that Cellular data is turned on.
  • Upgrade your Android OS to the latest version available for your device.
If the issue continues, please contact jio customer care.

The List of Mobile Manufacturers Supporting Jio4Gapp Online are:

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