Does My Acer Liquid 4G Android Phone Supports Jio SIM?

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If you have recently purchased an android phone from Acer liquid 4G supported phones and wondering whether your phone supports jio SIM or not, please read this post till end. Your issue may be addressed.

How to Check Whether Your Phone is LTE or VoLTE Phone?

In order to use jio sim on your phone, your phone must be LTE or VoLTe supported phone. As few of the Acer Liquid phones are 4G phones, they will either be LTE or VoLTE phone. If the phone is LTE phone, you can only use Internet. However, you need to install jio join (Jio4GOnline App) to ake voice calls. If you are not sure of your phone network type, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open "Settings" on your phone
  2. Look for options related to "Mobile networks".
  3. If not, click on more option and select "mobile network" options.
  4. Choose preferred network type
  5. You will find several options like LTE, VoLTE, WCDMA Only, GSM Only, WCDMA/GSM.
You will be able to use JIO Sim on your phone only when there is a network option LTE or VoLTE is available. If not available, you will not be able to use the service. You need to either change your SIM card or change your mobile phone.

List of Acer Liquid 4G Phones

Please find the list of Acer Liquid 4G phones. These phones may hold good for using Jio SIM.

Acer Liquid Z6 Plus   
Acer Liquid Z6   
Acer Liquid Zest 4G   
Acer Liquid Jade 2   
Acer Liquid Z630s   
Acer Liquid Z630   
Acer Liquid Z530S   
Acer Liquid Z530   
Acer Liquid M330   
Acer Liquid Z330   
Acer Liquid Jade Z   
Acer Liquid Z410   
Acer Liquid Jade S   
Acer Liquid E600   
Acer Liquid X1   
Acer Liquid S2  

My Jio SIM Works in Other Phone But Not on Acer Liquid Phone

If your jio sim is working on your current mobile and using the same on your Acer Liquid phone, the only possibility is the issue with the phone settings. Once the settings are changed, you will get the phone working on jio network.

  1. Please ensure that your phone is a 4G enabled phone. 
  2. Go to Settings --> More --> Network Settings --> Select LTE or VoLTE.
  3. Now, restart your phone.
You will get the jio network if the SIM is activated.

Note: The Jio SIM is not locked to your IMEI number. It is just a myth and you can use the SIM on any of your 4G enabled phones,
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