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Nowadays, the smartphone has become very common gadget. Battery life of a smartphone with Android, IOS, and windows lasts for 4 to 5 hours a day only due to its multitasking ability. I bought a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Due to my heavy usage, I realized that I need to follow some best practices to increase the battery life. In this article at Appnol, you will get 10 Hacks for Smartphone with Best Battery Life

The smartphone was a luxury before a couple of years back and now it has become a necessity. It will be great if the battery backup is the longest option. The option to extend the longer life of lithium cell will be of better use. However, when comes to battery life, the smart phone lasts for 4 to 5 hours only. This makes us put our self with the smartphone switched off.
In my personal experience, whenever I use to travel to my native places, it will take up to 7 to 8 hours of journey. I will be listening to music. When I reach my destination the smartphone battery may become dry and I will not be able to call someone who is available to pick up. When basic Nokia 1108 was released, it was user-friendly and everyone liked this phone. No wonder, it may cross the sale record now if the mobile is released again. This basic Nokia 1108 mobile will last for 3 to 4 days of battery life. The basic mobile version from Samsung was also withstanding long battery life.

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I was curious about learning more about the options to extend the mobile battery life. I checked with a friend of mine Mr.Antony, my classmate in college. He added that he uses a blackberry with best battery life. Here is when I concluded, the primary reason for the longstanding battery life is that it does not have any smart applications running in the background like a smartphone. This gives us the clue on what to do with our mobile device. Hence, in simple words, if we keep our smartphone as simple as Nokia 1108 or basic Samsung model without any background process running, we will be able to increase smartphone battery life.

Apart from the good mobile handling procedures, it is very important that we understand the different types of batteries used in smartphones, their characteristics and how to handle them. I have discussed them in brief below.

Understanding Different Types of Mobile Batteries

There are 5 types of mobile battery models available. I have reviewed the battery types for your better understanding of their properties and functions. The review will help us for smartphones with longest battery life.

The quality of the battery is determined by the concept called “Memory Effect“. Memory effect means the damage caused by a battery in the due course of time. It also means the battery will not be damaged when we charge them when the battery is drained out.

Different Types of Batteries Are:

Source Credit: 5 Different Types of Phone Battery Technologies Explained and How to Buy Them

Lithium Ion Battery

Also known as Li-ion batteries. It is the advanced technology which will provide long battery life. The technology ensures that the battery is safe even when the charge is completely drained out. It is the widely used batteries in the latest smartphones. It does not get affected by memory effect.

Lithium Polymer Battery

They are the most advanced battery in the electronic industry. These batteries are made of plastic. Hence, they are sleek, low weight and compact. These batteries have 40% more storage capacity compared to other batteries. Lithium Polymer Battery does not have a memory effect.

Nickel Cadmium Battery

This type of batteries suffer from memory effect. This reduces the capacity of the battery and turns down the life span.  If you are using Nickel Cadmium Battery, you need to drain out the charge completely before charging. This practice will increase the life span. If I am correct, Nickel Cadmium batteries are no more used by the smartphone manufacturer.

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

These batteries are same as Nickel Cadmium batteries. However, they store energy twice the other batteries. Can run 30 percent to 40 % longer. This battery is also affected by memory effect. However, they are more eco-friendly and not made out of toxic materials. Nickel Metal Hydride batteries will face the problem of a drop in voltage after several hundred charges. The charge will drop suddenly only when we use the phone. When the phone is in standby mode, the voltage will not drop.

New Lithium Technology

It is a future of revolution in smartphone batteries. This technology is still in its nascent stages and yet to be available in the market. The new lithium technology will make the battery to charge 1000 times faster than any other batteries in seconds.

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What Are The Tips to Make Your Smartphone with The Best Battery Life?

Reduce Brightness and Screen Lock Timer in Display Settings of your Smartphone:  

I was shocked when I checked the battery consumption. Display light or the screen lock time is the top power consuming process in any smartphone. You can reduce the brightness of the smartphone to lower option. You can also reduce the screen lock settings to 15 or 30 seconds. This will take care of the top or half of the issue your battery life.



Turn off Background Applications of Smartphone When Not Used:

With smartphones, the background applications like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Facebook and other social networking sites application may be running. They are the top contributors of battery consumption. These applications may drain out battery life as they are not visible. Until and otherwise it is required, do not enable the features like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Facebook. It is one of the very good practice when we compare to other contribution. WiFi, when enabled, will continuously try to search an available network and drain your battery charge. Bluetooth is also similar to as described earlier. Applications like Facebook will communicate with the server for regular updates periodically and drain your battery life.

If you are not aware of the list of mobile apps that runs in the background, please refer to the list below:

You can find the list of running apps on your phone under the Settings -> Apps -> Running. The list of apps running on your phone will be displayed. Turning off these apps will reduce the battery consumption.

Drop Unnecessary Activity on Your Smartphone: 

There are few unnecessary activities like a high-resolution screen saver. You can have a simple screen saver and save battery life. It is one of the long-lasting ideas.

Use battery Managing Apps on Your Smartphone: 

If you can not maintain or track all the background applications by enabling and disabling it, you can use the smart way of installing battery managing applications. These applications will turn off the unnecessary apps running in the background automatically when not required. Common battery managers include JuiceDefender and Battery Saver for Android and Battery Life Pro for iPhone.

Few suggested battery saver apps are:

  • Battery Doctor (Android and iOS)
  • DU Battery Saver & Widgets
  • Avast Battery Saver (Android)
  • CM Battery Saver (Android)
  • GO Battery Saver & Widgets (Android)
  • BetterBatteryStats (Android)
  • Snapdragon Battery Guru (Android)
  • Greenify (Android)
  • Carat (Android and iOS)

Battery Saver App Source Credit: 10 Best Mobile Battery Apps

Alternative Battery for Your Smartphone:

You can have one more battery and replace it when your current battery is dry. There are few gadgets which help you in charging your mobile phone using AAA and AA batteries.

Switch Off Vibrate Function and Use the Only Ringtone. 

Always turn off the vibration option on your phone and keep loud profile active. You can change the settings under the call settings or ringtone settings on your phone. This will ensure that the phone uses half of the power required to use the ringer while receiving a call.

Switch off Mobile When in no Coverage Area:

You can better keep your smartphone switched off rather than trying to search a network in no coverage area. With this action, the battery life will be saved and it will be useful when required.

Do Not Charge Your Phone for a Long Time

In general, we do have the habit of placing our phone on the charger while working in our office. There are more people who charge their mobile throughout the night. Please do not practice such charging patterns. This will make the lithium battery to charge reverse and the leakage may happen.

Do Not Use Any Other Charger Except the Charger Supplied by Your Phone Manufacturer

When we compare the configuration of the mobile charger for each and every mobile phone, you will agree that they are not same. The charger provided by Samsung may not have the same configuration as or Nokia charger. The difference in voltage will make the battery week. The battery manufactured by the manufacturer are called OEM (original equipment manufacturer) batteries. The NonOEM batteries are these manufactured by third-party.

Hope the ideas suggested above will help you to make your Smartphone with Best Battery Life

List of Manufacturers for Smartphone with Best Battery Life

You can find the list of leading smartphone manufacturers.

PanasonicPhilipsSamsungSonySony Ericsson
ViewsonicBarnes and NobleNvidiaHPMax West
PCDJOLLACATVerizon WirelessYota
T-MobileSprintPalmTag HeuerXolo
VIZIOFUJITSUUMXAiro WirelessTerrestar
ArchosBest BuyVeryKoolNotion INCVertu
MobiadoI-MateGeneral MobileFusion GarageINQ
PlumCelkonI-MobileSpice MobileZEN Mobile
BENQ-SiemensHelioHaierLemon MobilesHandspring
LatteSiemensDopodFirefly MobileCricket
Sierra WirelessNeoNodeQtekSendoMaxon


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