5 Best Free Mobile Friendly Test Tools for Mobile SEO

In the month of April 2015, I received an email from Google Webmaster team that Mobile Friendliness is now a mobile platform ranking signal for google search engine algorithm. The email also had the detailed explanation of why Mobile friendly websites is the new ranking factor.

If you are looking for Creating Mobile friendly websites that is free and SEO friendly, blogger.com is one of the best mobile friendly CMS (Content Management System). It is because the mobile view is automatically loaded for any blog hosted under blogspot domain. However, if you are hosting a third-party domain in blogger, it may not work. I have personally experienced this issue when I migrated from Blogger to self hosted WordPress in early 2016. Earlier, I hosted my blog appnol using third party URL (Uniform Resource Locator) option in blogger. Later having been understood the potential and wisdom with WordPress, I partnered with Nanaotech Solutions for hosting my website.

Not only Google, other leading search engines like Bing, Baidu, AOL, Ask.com, Excite, DuckDuckGo, and Yandex do consider Great Mobile friendly websites as their pet. When google mobile friendly test tool was launched, it was the only available mobile friendly checker. But now, there are several tools available out there. You can choose any one of your preferred Mobile Friendly Test Tool.

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SEO Factors that Influences Friendliness of a Mobile Website

The features of mobile friendly blog are the following:

  • Good navigation and homepage
  • Best Viewport configuration
  • Ratio of page content with device configuration
  • Ensure that the text on the site are readable
  • Links are not placed very closer to each other
  • Positioning of Calls to Action buttons
  • Short Menus
  • Easy access to reach homepage
  • Including Site Search

I hope the list of mobile friendly test tools provided below will help you to choose your best tools to meet your demands.

1. Google Webmaster Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Mobile-Friendly Test tool by Webmaster portal is similar tool served by Google Search Console. However, the layout differs. The reason why google has two different tools are due to the recent transition that google made from webmaster tools to search console.

  • Visit Mobile-Friendly Test tool
  • Enter your website URL in the text box and click on Analyze button.
Google Webmaster Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Google Webmaster Mobile Friendly Test Tool

2. Google Search Console Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Google Search Console mobile friendly test tool will provide details about your website. This tool is spam proof. You need to pass the CAPTCHA test to check your website.

  • Enter your website URL  and hit enter.
  • The tool will prompt to validate you are a human.
  • Rest will be taken care. The details about your website will be displayed

You can find the screenshot of the tool here:

Google Search Console mobile friendly test tool

Google Search Console mobile friendly test tool

3. Bing Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool helps you to find out whether your website is mobile friendly. It will also provide us the suggestions on how to improve the issues related to it and make yours mobile friendly website.

Similar to any other tools, just feed your website address and click on analyze button. Now, sit tight and the results will be displayed. Based on your robots.txt file, you may receive some errors. However, they will not affect the mobile search engine factors.

Please find the screenshot of Bing Mobile Friendliness Tool:

Bing Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Bing Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Bing Mobile Friendly Test Tool Screenshot 2

Bing Mobile Friendly Test Tool Screenshot 2

4. Rankwatch Mobile Friendly Check Tool

Rankwatch is yet another easy to use mobile friendly checker tool. Unlike other tools, the results are shown under the same page. However, it takes 30 seconds of buffer time to analyze your website and deliver the result. One unique feature with rankwatch mobile friendly check tool is that it shows the score for your website.

Please find the screenshot of the Rankwatch Mobile Friendliness Checker Tool:






5. SEOcentro Mobile Friendly Checker

SEOcentro is a free webmarketting resource. Mobile Friendly Test tool is one among the free tools offered. SEOcentro offers array of free webmaster tools. You can find the list of other tools below:

» SEO Analyzer
» Meta Tag Analyzer
» Meta Tag Generator
» Rank Checker
» PageSpeed Checker
» Mobile Friendly Test
» Keyword Density
» Keyword Generator
» MozRank Checker
» Alexa Ranking
» PageRank Check
» Twitter Card Generator
» Facebook Open Graph
» Social Media Shares
» Keyword Analyzer

You can find the screenshot of SEOcentro mobile friendly test tool here:




Please do not forget the principle “content is the king”. Other aspect comes next. What is the big deal if you have all on page and off page seo factors satisfied and irrelevant content on your site. To ensure that we are always on the safer side and mobile friendly seo, please choose a  responsive and Mobile friendly website templates.

The tools suggested above are based on my personal experience. I assure you that I am not compensated for this review by any means except the revenue generated from the advertiseents in this article. If you have your opinions regarding the tools or if you have any better tools, please coment below. We shall review it and add it in the above list.

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He offers professional training and speaks frequently on Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Success Principles and leadership skills for entrepreneurs.

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