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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Verification Code

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Verification Code is a system used by an organisation to validate the action like form filling for sign up and to keep them free from spammers, Robots. In this post, I have discussed the different process of validating your identity and how to use them and keep your information safe.

Instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Hike, and WeChat are using the verification code process by sending and one time password OTP to the registered mobile number. If the user entered the code sent to his mobile number correctly then this is considered as well read subscription to their service.

In general, whenever a person is signing up for a new service or filling up the form online it is a mandatory step to validate whether it's the real human who is filling up the form or it is an automatic software or a robot which is filling up the form. Hence, the user will be required to verify his identity by entering numerical value or character that shown on the screen inside the verification box.

Verification Code

What are the Types of Verification Codes?

The different types of a verification process are:

  1. Captcha

    Verification Code
    Captcha is one of the famous method used across all the web portal to avoid the sign-up process by automated Robo robot you might have experienced this when you try to login to services like Google mail or Yahoo and if you have entered the login credentials incorrectly you will be required to validate yourself with captcha process been completed.

    Verification Code
  2. Text

    Verifying the user by entering a piece of text displayed on the screen is another brilliant method for avoiding invalid, spam and automated signups. The image here gives you an example of text verification code.

    In this process, the user needs to look into the text displayed in the email nearby and have to enter exactly the same values without even changing the casing of the letters. After clicking on the submit button, the value will be validated and if correct the user can proceed.

  3. Numerical Value

    Verification CodeThe numerical verification process is the same as the text to the verification process and the difference is the values that are displayed here will be only a numerical value rising from a 4 digit to 6 digit number.

    If the number entered is invalid then the user will not be allowed to proceed for further activities compare to the textual value entered entering the value with the help of numerical value is easy for the user and it is user-friendly too.

  4. OTP (One Time Password)
    Verification Code

    Authenticating your identity using OTP also called as a one time password is a real-time validation that is done exclusively on accessing an account using a registered email address or phone number.

    This method of authentication is highly used in internet banking processes and validation of instant mobile applications like WhatsApp Hike and We Chat during the process of installation.

Can I Receive Verification Code Via Email?

Yes, you can receive the one time password or the code used for verification to your email address. However, it is not the case every time. 

There are several scenarios where the code or the authentication factor is sent only to your email addresses or to your phone number based on the kind of transaction you are making.

If you are using a service that is registered with your email address, yes the code can be sent to your email address. Similarly, if you are using a service which is registered with your mobile number as a primary factor then the code will not be sent to your email address rather it will be sent only to your phone number. 

The intention behind sending a validation code is to verify that you have active access to your mobile phone and not to your email address.


To summarise about the verification code topic, it is the best and effective method to avoid loss of information and information theft, misusing data that is processed online for signing up.

Several fraudulent activities are being stopped because of validating the identity of the users at the right time. Any security breach that is detected during the process of financial transaction or any confidential login credentials must undergo a verification process. Either using a text, image or One Time Password system.

Hope you liked the article shared here. If you have any other feedback we are most welcome to listen to you. Please enter your feedback into the comments box. If you have any other doubts or ideas to be added to this article you can also add them to the comments box and we will review and edit very soon
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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Google Play services Android App

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Google Play services Android App related issues are discussed in this blog post. It helps to troubleshoot and fix any issues like uninstalling Google Play services App | APK version not working | it has stopped. Get Play store and APK Mirror Download Link, solution for update error. 

You may also get information like device access data like Device and App History, Identity, Calendar, Contacts, Location, SMS, Phone, Media Files, Videos, Camere, Location Access, Phone dialed numbers, microphone, and WiFi Connection.

Google Play services Android App Review

GPS Android App is developed by Google LLC. It is categorized under Tools. The size of the application, the current version, and the Android version vary with the device. 

It acts as the core application for other apps in play store to function well. It takes care of the tasks like checking the updated version of the application. All your location based actions, privacy settings, google apps.

This app has access to:

  • Device & App History
  • Identity
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Read your contacts
  • Location
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • Photos / Media / Files
  • Storage
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • View Wi-Fi connections
  • Wearable sensors/Activity data
  • Directly call any phone numbers
  • Modify phone state
  • Reroute outgoing calls
  • Read call log
  • Read phone status and identity
  • Write call log
  • Add voicemail

What is The Google Play Services APK Mirror Download Link?

The Google play service android application can be downloaded from a trusted source of resources like APK Mirror. You can download the APK setup file using the link:

Google Play Services Latest APK Version and History

You can find the different versions and variations of GPS Android App. We will find the version number, the name of the Software Variations and the date of release.

Google Play Services Android App Versions Software Variations Date of Release
13.2.74 beta 4 11-Aug-18
13.2.72 beta 48 3-Aug-18
13.2.70 beta 42 2-Aug-18
12.8.74 38 26-Jul-18
12.8.72 37 16-Jul-18
12.8.69 beta 23 6-Jul-18
12.8.70 beta No 5-Jul-18
12.2.09 beta 33 11-Feb-18
11.9.75 33 30-Jan-18
11.9.74 beta 3 19-Jan-18
11.9.51 27 16-Jan-18
11.9.73 beta 13 11-Jan-18
11.9.49 beta 9 30-Nov-17
11.7.46 18 29-Nov-17
11.9.47 beta 8 18-Nov-17
11.9.46 beta 7 14-Nov-17
11.9.45 beta 14 13-Nov-17
11.9.43 beta 22 9-Nov-17
11.7.45 17 8-Nov-17
11.9.40 beta 25 7-Nov-17
11.7.44 11 28-Oct-17
11.7.43 beta 12 24-Oct-17
11.7.42 beta 4 18-Oct-17
11.5.18 7 17-Oct-17
11.7.41 beta 12 6-Oct-17
11.5.22 4 5-Oct-17
11.5.17 5 27-Sep-17
11.7.30 beta 7 21-Sep-17
11.5.14 3 20-Sep-17
11.6.72 beta 7 16-Sep-17
11.6.73 beta 11 16-Sep-17
11.5.30 beta 12 26-Aug-17
11.5.21 beta 4 23-Aug-17
11.5.09 15 19-Aug-17
11.5.20 beta 6 17-Aug-17
11.4.63 5 9-Aug-17
11.5.07 beta 2 9-Aug-17
11.3.04 2 5-Aug-17
11.5.05 beta 10 5-Aug-17
11.5.02 beta 5 4-Aug-17
11.5.03 beta 10 2-Aug-17
11.3.02 15 12-Jul-17
11.3.00 beta 4 5-Jul-17
11.3.01 beta 11 2-Jul-17
11.0.62 3 30-Jun-17
11.0.61 4 29-Jun-17
11.2.99 beta 8 27-Jun-17
11.2.98 beta 5 25-Jun-17
11.2.97 beta 4 21-Jun-17
11.2.96 beta 8 18-Jun-17
11.0.58 4 16-Jun-17
11.2.71 beta 7 16-Jun-17
11.0.56 16 16-Jun-17
11.0.55 12 1-Jun-17
11.0.47 9 24-May-17
11.0.45 6 23-May-17
10.9.16 No 18-May-17
11.0.46 3 17-May-17
11.0.38 12 13-May-17
11.0.33 beta 6 29-Apr-17
10.5.62 2 22-Apr-17
10.5.56 beta 8 9-Apr-17
10.5.53 beta 10 4-Apr-17
10.5.48 beta 12 28-Mar-17
10.5.42 beta 13 19-Mar-17
10.5.37 beta 4 13-Mar-17
10.5.35 beta 6 7-Mar-17
10.2.99 3 4-Mar-17
10.2.98 23 10-Feb-17
10.2.97 10 5-Feb-17
10.2.91 16 26-Jan-17
10.0.84 25 29-Nov-16
10.0.83 No 29-Oct-16
9.8.77 21 18-Oct-16
8.2.98 2 14-Oct-15
8.1.18 7 29-Sep-15
8.1.15 14 19-Sep-15
8.1.14 7 13-Sep-15
8.1.13 7 11-Sep-15
8.1.05 6 8-Sep-15
8.1.04 3 2-Sep-15
8.1.02 4 31-Aug-15
7.9.53 No 18-Aug-15
7.8.99 12 10-Aug-15
7.8.95 8 29-Jul-15
7.8.93 10 25-Jul-15
7.8.92 7 21-Jul-15
7.8.87 8 18-Jul-15
7.6.04 No 10-Jul-15
7.5.74 11 20-Jun-15
7.5.73 9 10-Jun-15
7.6.03 No 29-May-15
7.5.71 12 26-May-15
7.5.69 2 23-May-15
7.5.68 No 23-May-15
7.5.66 8 23-May-15
7.5.62 7 19-May-15
7.3.29 11 7-May-15
7.3.28 8 19-Apr-15
7.3.27 6 17-Apr-15
7.3.26 7 16-Apr-15
7.0.99 13 6-Apr-15
7.0.97 8 20-Mar-15
7.0.96 6 14-Mar-15
7.0.93 5 11-Mar-15
7.0.92 6 10-Mar-15
7.0.87 7 5-Mar-15
7.0.86 8 4-Mar-15
6.7.76 7 22-Feb-15
6.7.74 10 18-Feb-15
6.6.03 11 30-Jan-15
6.5.99 11 16-Dec-14
6.5.96 4 10-Dec-14
6.5.94 3 10-Dec-14
6.5.87 10 29-Nov-14
6.5.86 3 22-Nov-14
6.5.85 7 18-Nov-14
6.1.88 9 7-Nov-14
6.1.84 2 26-Oct-14
6.1.83 4 22-Oct-14
6.1.74 4 18-Oct-14
6.1.71 6 12-Oct-14
2.0.12 No 9-Oct-14
6.1.11 4 3-Oct-14
6.1.07 No 2-Oct-14
6.1.05 No 2-Oct-14
6.1.09 No 2-Oct-14
5.2.08 No 2-Oct-14
5.0.89 No 2-Oct-14
5.0.81 No 2-Oct-14
5.0.77 No 2-Oct-14
5.0.23 No 2-Oct-14
4.4.52 No 2-Oct-14
4.4.48 No 2-Oct-14

What is Google Play Services Play Store Link?

You may download and install the application by clicking here

How to Fix The Update Error?

When you try to install Google Play services on your android phone, you may encounter multiple error codes. The errors may be due to multiple reasons like compatibility with android version, lack of internal memory or slow processor.

For your reference, I have shared the possible error codes that may occur. Click on each error code to explore the solution to fix them accordingly.

Error Code Column 1 Error Code Column 2 Error Code Column 3 Error Code Column 4
Error DF-BPA-09 DF-BPA-30 error DF-DLA-15 error Rpc error: AEC: 0
Error rh01 / rpc: s-5: AEC-0 Recovery error Error-06 BM-GVHD Error rpc: s-3
Error: "Authentication required" Error "Package file invalid" Error 8 Error 18
Error 20 Error 24 Error 101 Error 103
Error 110 Error 194 Error 403 Error 406
Error 413 Error 481 Error 491 Error 492
Error 495 Error 497 Error 498 Error 501
Error 504 Error 505 Error 905 Error 906
Error 907 Error 911 Error 919 Error 920
Error 921 Error 923 Error 924 Error 927
Error 940 Error 941 Error 944 Error 961
Error 963 Error 971 Error 975 Error RH-01

How to Download and Install Beta APK?

Whenever a new version or a beta version of an application is to the list it is not made available in Google Play Store immediately. If you are looking forward to trying the beta version of the GPS Android application, it can be either downloaded from the highly trusted resources like APK mirror or any other source.

Opting in for receiving the notification for new product launch or services with Google Google may invite to try the beta version of any application.

Can I Uninstall Google Play Services?

Google Play services Android application behaves as the heart of Google products period because this none of the Google products will work smoothly. if you're badly in need to use an Android phone without Google Play services then you need to make sure that dependency on any of the Google product on your Android phone is not available. It is better to use Custom ROMS like LineageOS.

If the issue is like lack of internal memory, the better option is to uninstall the application updates by doing so the latest updates on Google Play services and will be removed and you will get some more space free from your internal memory.

Just follow the just follow the instructions given below to uninstall the updates from your Android phone
Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Services > three dots menu > Uninstall updates

What Should I Do If It's Not Working or Google Play Services Has Stopped?

If your GPS application is not working properly you may try any of these solutions.
Option 1: Reboot Your Phone

The best and effective solution of any electronic device is reboot it is also called the power cycle. Just switch on and switch off your phone and check the status of the issue it might be resolved in several cases.

Option 2: Update to the Latest Version

If you are using all the applications on your phone with the latest version and if your Google Play services application is outdated you may receive continuous error popping on your screen. The first suggestion would be to update your Android Play services version to the latest one you can directly update it from your Google Play Store.

Option 3: Clean the Google Play Cache on Your Phone

It is because the Google Play services act as the core application for all other Google products, it may have a lot of temporary memory called cache in its system. By clearing the cache memory it is possible that this application may work hassle-free.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps.
  2. Scroll to All apps and then scroll down to “Google Play Services” app.
  3. Open the app details and tap on the “Force stop” button.
  4. Then, tap on the “Clear cache” button
Option 4: Checking Internet Connection for IP Blocks

We may also need to check whether your internet connection from your wireless device or Wi-Fi connection is blocking any of the IP address that is used by Google for its smooth functioning in order to set this We can swap your data connection from your Wi-Fi connection to your mobile data and check the status of the issue.


I hope the information is maximum and the most helpful information about Google Play services Android app in this blog post. It will be great if you could share your experience or result if you have tried some suggestion in this post and it really worked for you.

You may also highlight that if it is not working so that we can make sure that the instructions are real-time in nature and hence it resolves peoples issues. 

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Acer Liquid Z6 Review - Price, Specifications, Features, Comparison

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Acer Liquid Z6 was released on August month of 2016. It is a touch screen mobile with the dimension of 145.50 x 72.50 x 8.50 mm. In this post, we will discuss the Price, Specifications, Features, Comparison, the specification of the phone Acer Liquid Z6.

About Acer

Acer is a multinational company from Taiwan and it is into the electronic and Hardware business. in the year 1976, the company was started with the name multi-tech and later in 1987 it was renamed as Acer.  the company also the manufacturer of other products like LCD and LED television, tablet, smartphones, storage devices and computer peripherals too.

Acer Liquid Z6 Key Specifications

The key specifications of Acer Liquid Z6. It comes with 5-inch display with 1.25GHz Quad Core processor. It has both front and rear camera.  the front camera has 2 megapixels and the rear camera has 8 megapixels. this phone has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. with the 1GB RAM size and 8GB of storage size, it comes with 2000 mAh battery capacity.

Full Specifications of Liquid Z6 from Acer

Now let us see the full specifications of liquid Z6 from Acer.  

  • It comes with a non-removable battery.
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage
  • Storage can be expanded with the help of a microSD memory card.
  • The operating system is Android 6.0
  • It does not support the technology Strike GPS NFC, infrared, USB OTG, FM, 3G.
  • It supports the technology life Wi-Fi Bluetooth comma 4G and LTE Technology
  • No compass magnetometer is available with Acer Liquid Z6
  • The proximity sensor, accelerometer and light sensor are few unique sensors available with this particular phone model.
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Adcom Mobile Phones

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Find Adcom Mobile Phones with all latest, upcoming phones list. Also find Adcom 4g smartphones, camera phones & best Adcom Smart Phones with price, specifications, and reviews.

More interesting information on compatibility of Adcom branded mobile phones with world's top used best apps like Google Play services, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Google+, Google Text-to-Speech, WhatsApp Messenger, Google Play Books, Messenger, Hangouts, Google Chrome, Google Play Games, Google TalkBack, Google Play Music, Google News, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Drive, Samsung Push Service, Instagram, Android System WebView, Google Photos, Google Street View, Skype, and Subway Surfers.

Latest Adcom Mobile Phones

The mobile phone and smartphones manufactured by Adcom are subject to frequent innovation and upgradations. New gadgets are manufactured and released almost every now and then. With respect to the Adcom brand, We must upgrade yourself to the latest technology to be competent in the industry.

We have handpicked the list of latest mobile phones from Adcom. You can find the list that is shared below:

Upcoming Adcom Phones list

New releases are always interesting and exciting. We tried our best to find the list of upcoming Adcom Phone list, unfortunately, there are no new releases planned at this time. 

Adcom 4G, LTE, VoLTE Smartphones, Camera Phones

As the new model phones are manufactured with the latest technologies, we wish we could get the Adcom 4G Smartphones in the market. As there is no 4G, LTE and VoLTE supported Adcom smartphones, we are unable to display the list. Hope the new technologically upgraded devices are released very soon.

Adcom VoLTE Supported Phones

Adcom phones are not manufactured with VoLTE support. VoLTE stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution. Hence, you can not find the list of Adcom VoLTE supported phones here.

Best Adcom Mobile Phones Price

Adcom Mobiles Below 8,000 INR.

Adcom Mobiles Price List Price
Adcom A530 Rs. 8,413
Adcom KitKat A54 Rs. 4,547
Adcom Thunder A-500 Rs. 3,800
Adcom Thunder A440+ Rs. 3,398
Adcom KitKat A40 Rs. 2,808
Adcom KitKat A35 Rs. 2,702

Adcom Phone Specifications

Model Number Display Processor Front Camera Resolution Battery Capacity
Adcom KitKat A40 4.00-inch 1.2GHz quad-core 1.3-megapixel 480x800 pixels 1650mAh
Adcom KitKat A35 3.50-inch 1.2GHz 1.3-megapixel 320x480 pixels 1400mAh
Adcom Thunder A440+ 4.00-inch 1.2GHz dual-core 1.3-megapixel 480x800 pixels 1350mAh
Adcom Thunder A430+ 4.00-inch 1.2GHz dual-core 1.3-megapixel 480x800 pixels 2000mAh
Adcom Thunder A-350i 3.50-inch 1GHz 0.3-megapixel 320x480 pixels 1250mAh
Adcom A-400i 4.00-inch 1GHz 0.3-megapixel 320x480 pixels 1200mAh
Adcom Thunder A-500 5.00-inch 1.2GHz dual-core 0.3-megapixel 540x960 pixels 2800mAh
Adcom A530 5.30-inch dual-core 0.3-megapixel    
Adcom A400 4.00-inch 1GHz 0.3-megapixel    
Model Number RAM OS Storage Rear Camera  
Adcom KitKat A40 256MB Android 4.4.4 512MB 2-megapixel  
Adcom KitKat A35 256MB Android 4.4.2 512MB 2-megapixel  
Adcom Thunder A440+ 512MB Android 4.4 4GB 3-megapixel  
Adcom Thunder A430+ 512MB Android 4.2 4GB 3.2-megapixel  
Adcom Thunder A-350i 256MB Android 2.3 512MB 2-megapixel  
Adcom A-400i 256MB Android 4.0 512MB 2-megapixel  
Adcom Thunder A-500 512MB Android 4.1 4GB 2-megapixel  
Adcom A530 512MB Android 4.1 4GB 8-megapixel  
Adcom A400 512MB Android 4.0   3.2-megapixel  

Adcom Phone Reviews

Click on the respective mdel number below to view the reviews about Adcom phones.

Adcom Kitkat A54 Reviews
Adcom Kitkat A40 Reviews
Adcom Kitkat A35 Reviews
Adcom Thunder A440+ Reviews
Adcom Thunder A430+ Reviews
Adcom Thunder A-350I Reviews
Adcom A-400I Reviews
Adcom Thunder A-500 Reviews
Adcom A530 Reviews
Adcom A400 Reviews

Adcom A350 Reviews

Search Terms Related to Adcom Mobile Phones

Please find the search terms related to Adcom mobiles.

Adcom Mobile Service Center
Adcom Freedom 251
Adcom Mobile Company
Adcom Mobile With Whatsapp
Adcom Phone Amazon
Adcom Mobile 4G
Adcom 4G Mobile Price
Adcom Phone 4

Adcom Mobile Phones Conclusion

We hope that you have received all the information related to Adcom Mobile Phones. If you have any other information or feedback about Adcom phones, you may share it as a comment in the comment box below. 

If you feel the article on Adcom branded smartphones is useful, please consider sharing it with others on social platforms.

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