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Spiro Little Big Tools - Arts and Design Android Apps

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Little Big Tool powered by Ninvus concept. Spiro gives all publics an experience of drawing. Best ally for the big and the poor artists. Fractals, shapes, mandalas ... It's all true. Discover your artist within and share your designs with the world at large.

• Faults. Use the main tool Spiro to easily design and build fractals, select branch number and let's draw.

• Tweets. You can create your very own mandala designs with Spiro. Use the choice to draw symmetrics and let's do it.

• Stack. The pattern maker is another possibility Spiro provides, it's never been simpler, pick the pattern option and unleash your imagination. Combine materials and textures for designs exclusive to them.

Spiro Little Big Tools

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Text On Photo-Text Art- Fonteee

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Text On Photo-Text Art- Fonteee easy-to-use text editor allows minimal effort in timing text on images, as well as allowing flexibility in changing text types, fonts, colors, shadow, hit, and text or individual word text.

Build your own quotation picture, template or reuse preset templates with beautiful backgrounds and fonts. With little effort, add marvelous text effect to your images. Text art picture quotes creator smartly stores and uses the last punched word text results. Write easy texts, quotes intuitively crafted by Text Art. Text on photo app download can be done from Google Play Store.

Text On Photo-Text Art- Fonteee
Text On Photo-Text Art- Fonteee

Text Over Images comes with Wide Options range: 

  1. Text from your gallery on the pictures.
  2. Photo background text: We provide common backgrounds for adding text over images.
  3. Text over pictures of famous people. Add text to cartoon images of famous people given by us.
  4. Photography Grids. Build Images Grids with more than 30 Image Grids designs.
  5. Text over Collages-Build collages of free form and apply text to such collages of images.
  6. Chat over Emoji-We have provided more than 50 Emoji's for you to add chat over the Emoji's to get your messages across.
  7. Check for images on the Internet, and add text messages.
  8. Curvy text over pictures-Now add Curvy text over pictures. Use your finger to create Curvy text on the pictures.
  9. Text Merge-Blend text into picture so that the images will create artistic text. You can adjust the level of Blend by selecting the level of text transparency.

Help Text Over Images Different types of text: 

  1. Type Different Fonts
  2. Texts. Add Shaders to Picture Text.
  3. In Images, apply colors to text.
  4. Various text types like bending text in circular routes.
  5. In Images, change text on images with finger movements to move text to the appropriate location.
Text Over Photo is the easiest way to create a post and share it with friends and family using Text on Images. You can search for images with search features to add text to images for any purpose.

Text Over Photo is the easiest way to add a wide range of choices to text on images.

  1. Create beautiful graffiti or write to your images, add stickers, frames, filters and other things to create photo quotes with our text art quotes builder application.
  2. Write beautiful and impactful text on images with this text editing app. Modify word formats and highlight essential sentence words (punch words) to create alasting effect.
Text Art features- Photo quotes maker:
  • Text art helps you to create and write amazing quotes on images and share / post on instagram and pinterest-Creating captivating messages for social media posts such as, Twitter or WhatsApp-Text art is a fun custom watermark creator program.
  • Album / photos and memories creation: write pictures and express your thoughts-convey your thoughts by writing pictures.
  • Making elegant photo files.
  • Creating Marks: Develop Viral Ideas, Thoughts, Themes of your products / services to meet your future clients.
  • Draft designs: Design amazing magazine covers-Have fun-Build meme's or add your own photo commentary.

Fonteee is the best tool to transform your words, sayings or quotes into stunning picture text designs automatically. It is the coolest resource on typography. You can create amazing text on your picture with cool fonts and beautiful layout design with one click. If you are looking for a photo editor, image collage, logo, invitation or poster creator-Fonteee encourages graphic design.

Change images, add text, components, stickers, boundaries, frames, etc .. Begin with thousands of professional models in seconds, and simply tweak them to match your needs. Fonteee lets you create beautiful text on pictures and post it on social networks or instant messaging applications with your friends.
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Unlocking A Phone Call

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Unlocking a phone call is a future related to the option in your phone. This feature is also offered from the phone service. I have published a step by step instruction on my website regarding call block feature. You may refer to the same in this hyper link: Specific Call Block Feature

Call blocking, also known as call filtering, call screening or call denial, enables a telephone subscriber to reject incoming calls from particular phone numbers. This function may involve an additional charge to the telephone company or a third party of the customer.

Individuals who want to block unnecessary phone calls are desiring call blocking. Which involve forms of unsolicited telemarketer and robocall calls, in general.

Depending on the type of your phone service provider you need to get in touch with them to require how to unblock a number which is already blocked. You can unblock a number individually or unblock the complete list of blocked numbers by following IVR method for an online code option method.

The information related to unblocking your phone calls can also be obtained from the respective phone service providers help section of their website.

Compared to calling to the customer care number and waiting on the IVR for a long time, using the options available inside the website under the forum section and frequently asked question section will be a great choice know the answer related to unlocking.

If blocking the call is not a urgent requirement for you, you can always drop an email to the support team. They will share the details and other instructions to enable or disable for blocking feature.
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Vonage Specific Call Block Feature: Is it Offered in Canada?

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Recently contacted Vonage Canada regarding the feature to block specific calls. The overall answer was the feature is available for Canada with the maximum limit of 50 unwanted callers. When the blocked contact tries to contact you, the person receives the message, you are unavailable.

The similar feature is available for US customers too via Vonage Extensions App. You can block any number except 911 and vonage customer care number. Please note that every blocked number request will undergo validation from vonage team.

You can block the selective phone numbers using Vonage Extensions app. Just open the recent tab and swipe the contact. You can also manually block by opening call settings. You can swipe them to remove too.

You can follow the steps below to block unwanted calls from recent:

  • Open Extensions App.
  • Tap Recents Image.
  • Swipe contact left.
  • Tap Block or Unblock.

Block/Unblock from Call Settings

  • Open Extensions App.
  • Tap More Image.
  • Tap Call Settings.
  • Tap Call Block to view your blocked list. Options are: add a phone number, unblock individual or unblock all (for iPhone only).

Add a Phone Number:

  • On iPhone:
    • Tap Add New....
    • Tap field and enter phone number.
    • Tap Add.

  • On Android:
    • Tap + sign.
    • Enter phone number.
    • Tap Checkmark.

Unblock Individual:

  • On iPhone, swipe Contact left and tap Unblock.
  • On Android, locate Contact and tap Unblock.

Unblock All (iPhone Only):

  • Tap Clear.
  • Tap Unblock All Numbers.

The interesting fact which I love the most is, I received a human response. The alternative options suggested are as follows:

Anonymous call block:

Anonymous Call Block stops incoming calls from the categories like Anonymous, Private, Private Number, Private Name, Number Private, Caller Private, Restricted and Withheld.

To turn on: Dial *77 and Press 1 when prompted to turn on.

To turn off: Dial *87 Press 1 when prompted to turn off.

For more information on Anonymous call block feature, visit:

Install Phone Tray Free:

We can download a free package called Phone tray. We will need a ‘voice capable’ modem with caller ID in order to use it, but it can pick up caller ID and respond with any of a series of messages including a standard ‘number disconnected’ message. You can configure this both by schedule, and number/ID. It was great to get rid of some junk fax calls I was getting. It runs on a computer so needs to be constantly on.

For details visit:

Buy Panasonic KX-TG6532B phone:

We can buy a device that blocks specific numbers like the Panasonic KX-TG6532B. It blocks up to 30 unwanted harassing numbers.

Do Not Call registration:

We shall register our self in the do not call registry. Additionally, if you have been called multiple times by this same number, you can refer it to the police, as it is definitely harassment.


Use Do Not Disturb feature:

Use Do Not Disturb to temporarily stop all incoming calls from ringing your phone. While Do Not Disturb is turned on, all incoming calls go to Voicemail if voicemail is turned on. If voicemail is not turned on, callers will hear a message that states you are not accepting calls. You can continue to place outgoing calls when Do Not Disturb is turned on.

To turn on: Dial *78 and enter 1 when prompted to turn on Do Not Disturb.

To turn off: Dial *79 and Enter 1 when prompted to turn off Do Not Disturb.
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How to Download Tik Tok Video without Watermark on Android Phone?

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How to Download Tik Tok Video without Watermark on Android Phone is the primary motive in this article. Tik tok has become the greatest resource to get original copyright free music from the contributors.

However, as per the official update from TikTok, all the videos will be downloaded with user id as watermark. Having watermark on the videos will not add value to your video as it is owned by others. Hence, we need to figure out TikTok video download without watermark. 

Download Tiktok videos without watermark on android

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Steps Download Tik Tok Video without Watermark on Android Phone?

We are going to accomplish the task by downloading the Android Application named Video Downloader for TikTok - No Watermark. This app is also called as Tikmate Downloader. This application will support to download TikTok videos in minutes with or without watermark. 

All you need to do is to copy the Tik Tok Video URL and paste it in this application.

Method 1:
  1. Open Tiktok and view the preferred video.
  2. Click on the Share option.
  3. Click on Copy link option.
  4. After copying, open Tikmate Downloader and your download will automatically start.

Download Tiktok Videos without Watermark using Tikmate video downloader on android phone
Download Tiktok Videos without Watermark using Tikmate video downloader on android phone
Method 2:

  1. Open Tiktok and click Share To
  2. Slide to the right on the options and click on others. 
  3. Look for Tikmate Downloader
  4. The video will be downloaded.
Hope the steps given here related to How to Download Tik Tok Video without Watermark on Android Phone might helped you. Do share this content and let your friends know it.
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