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Lock Your Phone For a Certain Time Using Phone Schedule App for Android

Nowadays, smartphones have become a major contributor for distraction. It indirectly affects your productivity in every aspect. Whether you are a working professional, a student doing your graduation, the smartphone will kill your productive time. Let’s say you prefer to have your phone locked during your office hours. Will it be good if you have […]

Whatsapp Web Battery Status Notification

How to Get Low Mobile Battery Alert on Your Computer Browser?

I have an interesting idea to share that will help you to receive your mobile battery low status on your computer browser. Let us say, you are working on a project in your office that is nearing the delivery. I am sure, each minute will count towards the time spent. In the meantime, you may […]


Easy Way to Find Facebook Page App ID for Your Website

Let us see the easy way to find facebook app ID for your website. Facebook offers the option to look up the App ID from the developer’s section. However, there are few scenarios where you will not be able to find the app id. You must login to the facebook site. The option we are […]


Compress Image without Using Compression App

Is it possible to compress image without another software installed on your computer or mobile phone? Having a heavy file size picture that needs compression and wants to sent to your friends or family members? Are you unable to upload it to the social media service like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Will it be good […]


10 Most Interesting Motorcycle Racing Games for Android

Whenever I get some time whether it may be waiting for meeting someone or a long bus/train journey, I will always be excited to play motorcycle racing game on my android phone. I never thought playing games on my smartphone is a waste of time. I always use it as an opportunity¬†keep myself excited and […]

Mobile WiFi

How to Secure Your Mobile Wi-Fi (Wireless) Network

Wireless technology has made our lives so easy that we can connect and gain internet access on our portable gadgets like mobiles, smartphones, tablet, computer (PC), and MAC. You need not connect the devices manually using a cable. When the tethering is active, your smartphone will act as a wireless router. If you are in […]

Vonage Canada Specific Call Block Feature-min

Vonage Specific Call Block Feature: Is it Offered in Canada?

Recently contacted Vonage Canada regarding the feature to block specific calls. The overall answer was the feature is not available for Canada. But, it is available for US customers via an online account and Vonage Extensions App. The fact which I love the most is, I received a human response. They helped me with the […]