Can I Activate My Temporary Banned WhatsApp Account?

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If you have received a message within the app stating that your account has been "Temporarily banned," this indicates that you are either using an unsupported version of WhatsApp rather than the official WhatsApp app or are suspected of harvesting information in unacceptable ways, which is referred to as scraping. After being temporarily prohibited from accessing WhatsApp, if you do not switch to the official app or stop engaging in scraping, it is possible that your account will be permanently barred from using WhatsApp.

Can I Activate My Temporary Banned WhatsApp Account?

The process of extracting information, either in a focused manner or on a large scale, by means of an automated or manually operated instrument for the aim of achieving an unauthorized goal is known as scraping. Whatsapp Terms of Service prohibit the acquisition of user information in this manner, including but not limited to phone numbers, user profile images, and status updates from WhatsApp.

Modified versions of WhatsApp can be found in unsupported applications like WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, as well as in programs that promise to be able to transfer your WhatsApp chats between phones. These unapproved mobile applications were produced by outside parties, who are in violation of Whatsapp Terms of Service by doing so. These third-party applications are not supported by WhatsApp because we are unable to evaluate the security procedures that they employ.

Changing over to the official WhatsApp app and how to do it

Before switching to the official WhatsApp app, it is highly recommended that you create a backup of your conversation history. If you're using an app that isn't supported, the identity of that app will influence whether or not you need to transfer your chat history. Find the name of the app by selecting More Options > Settings > Help > App info from the menu that appears. Please proceed with the following steps based on the title of the app: WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp. whatever you like.

Before downloading the official WhatsApp app, it is important for Android users to back up their conversation history if they are already using a modified version of WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp

It is highly recommended that you carry out the steps outlined below in order to save and transfer your conversation history. If you do not complete these procedures, it is possible that your conversation history will be deleted. Please be aware that due to the fact that WhatsApp does not support unapproved apps, we are unable to guarantee that this will be a successful transfer of your chat history.

Hold tight until your temporary ban is lifted. The length of the restriction will be displayed on the timer for you.

To back up your conversations on GB WhatsApp, navigate to More settings > Chats > Backup chats.

Go to the Settings menu on your phone, then tap Storage, and then tap Files.

Locate the folder labelled GB WhatsApp, then press and hold the folder's icon to select it.

Tap More > Rename in the menu that appears in the upper right corner, and then rename the folder to "WhatsApp."

You may get the official WhatsApp app by going to the Play Store and downloading it. If you are unable to access the Play Store, you can download the app from this location.

You need to validate your phone number in WhatsApp. In this essay, you will learn how to verify.

On the page that says "Backup detected," select "Restore" and then "Next."

It is expected that WhatsApp will load with all of your existing chats.

The WhatsApp Plus app.

If your chat history was already preserved, it should transition over to the official WhatsApp app without any additional action required on your part. Visit Help Center to get instructions on how to save your conversation history.

You may get the WhatsApp app by going to the Play Store and downloading it. If you are unable to access the Play Store, you can download the app from this location.

Check that your phone number is correct. In this essay, you will learn how to verify.

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How to Play Whatsapp Voice Notes on iPhone without Sender Knowing?

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Learn How to Play Whatsapp Voice Notes on iPhone without Sender Knowing by reading this article till the end. You will be able to listen to voice messages of anyone without letting them know. 

If you are looking for answer to any of these questions, this single article will give you the answer.
  • How to listen to WhatsApp voice message without sender knowing
  • How to listen to a voice note without sender knowing iMessage
  • How to listen to WhatsApp voice messages without sender knowing on iPhone
  • How do you know if someone listened to your audio message on WhatsApp
  • How to listen to WhatsApp voice messages without blue tick
  • Does WhatsApp notify when you replay a voice message
Let us explore the complete process right now.

Listen to WhatsApp Audio Message Without Sender Knowing

If you are hunting for a technique to Listen to WhatsApp Audio Message without sender knowing, you may locate below 3 unique methods to Listen to WhatsApp Audio without producing Blue Ticks.

WhatsApp automatically generates two blue ticks beside the message whenever you open a WhatsApp Text or Voice Message, notifying the sender that his or her Audio Message has been received.

It is called receipts for WhatsApp messages.  This Read Receipt configuration in WhatsApp is important in the majority of circumstances since it informs the sender that their messages have been read or heard by the recipient.

Although you may have your own legitimate reasons for wanting to listen to WhatsApp Audio, the sender will not be aware of your actions unless he or she asks for your permission to do so.

It is possible to listen to WhatsApp Audio without creating those blue ticks if you utilise one of the following strategies to accomplish this.

1. Disable Read Receipts in WhatsApp

Not permitting WhatsApp Read Receipts on your device prior to opening a WhatsApp Voice Message is likely the most reliable method of listening to WhatsApp Audio without informing the sender of your intentions.

Note: On the iPhone, you can go straight to the Settings tab in the bottom menu.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp
Step 2: Tap on 3 dot menu icon and select Settings in the drop-down menu.
Step 3: From the Settings screen, navigate to Account > Privacy > scroll down and uncheck the Read Receipts box to disable this feature.

Once Read Receipts are gone, you'll be able to listen to any audio or voice messages you've received using WhatsApp.

Due to the fact that Read Receipts on your WhatsApp Account have already been removed, the sender will not be in a position to tell whether or not you've truly heard their Voice Messages.

Until Read Receipts are enabled again, the sole negative is that you won't be able to receive Read Receipts from other WhatsApp users.

2. Turn on Airplane Mode and Listen to WhatsApp Audio in the background

Using Airplane Mode on your phone before opening the WhatsApp Audio Message is an easy way to listen to the audio without your recipient seeing.

This strategy works because Airplane Mode disables both WiFi and Cellular connectivity on your smartphone, preventing the sender from receiving Read Receipts.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and turn on Airplane Mode.

WhatsApp Voice Messages can now be opened and listened to without creating those annoying blue ticks.

The sender will not receive a Read Receipt from your phone because it is disconnected from the WiFi and cellular networks.

Once you've finished listening to an Audio Message, turn off WhatsApp and Airplane Mode on your phone until you're ready to let the other person know you've finished listening.

You can't use WhatsApp until you're ready to respond to the message or notify your Contact that you've received their Audio Message, which is a drawback of this approach.

There are two blue ticks next to each message on WhatsApp that indicate that it has been read.

3. Using Music Playback App

Make sure you have an audio player like VLC installed. WhatsApp for Mac are available for download. 

The audio files on your phone are stored in this app. Open the app and navigate to 

Folders > WhatsApp > Media > Voice Notes after the app has been installed.

Your WhatsApp voice messages can be found here, and if you listen to them from the app, you won't be notified by the sender.

4. By forwarding the message

Even though this last option is a perfect workaround, it requires some consideration due to concerns about privacy and security. 

You should forward voice messages to people you know and trust, and then listen to the audio in the new discussion when you've gotten them. After then, it is simple to remove malware from your computer.

If you have any other idea that works for you, please share it in the comment below. If you find this information useful, feel free to share it on your social network.
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How to turn disappearing messages on or off in Whatsapp?

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 Turning on disappearing messages on WhatsApp allows you to send messages that will vanish after they are read. New messages sent in the chat will be deleted after seven days if this option is activated. 

All messages in the conversation are controlled by the selection that was made most recently. Messages sent or received prior to the activation of disappearing messages will be unaffected by this feature.

Hello guys and welcome back to Appnol. So today the WhatsApp team launched it's one of the new updates and the update is Disappearing messages And this feature almost rolling out for all android and ios platforms.

So what is the feature of this update?

If you enable this option your personal chats are only visible for 7 days. So after seven days, it will automatically disappear but if you enable this feature. So anyway how to get this update?

Just open your WhatsApp messenger but before going to enable this option first of all check if you're using the latest version of WhatsApp or not.

Once you check it and then click to open any one of your WhatsApp contact people so here you can click to open this contact person profile And then I get the option called Disappearing messages.

So just click to open it and then it shows some instructions about this feature. So you can read carefully. So once you read it, and then click on "Continue". Finally, you can click to turn on this service. 

But friends remind one thing, this feature only works within this chat only which means which contact person you're choosing to turn on this service.

And there is possible to enable this feature for all of your WhatsApp contacts. 

To get started, open WhatsApp on your phone.

Steps to Activate the vanishing messages feature.

In an individual chat, either user can turn on the feature of disappearing messages. Messages in the conversation will be deleted after seven days if this feature is activated.

  • Launch the WhatsApp conversation.
  • Select the contact's name from the drop-down menu.
  • Disappearing messages can be accessed by tapping on them.
  • When prompted, select CONTINUE.
  • Toggle the switch to On.

Disable the vanishing messages feature.

At any time, either user can turn off the disappearing messages feature. Messages sent in the chat will no longer be deleted if the feature is turned off.
  • Launch the WhatsApp conversation.
  • Select the contact's name from the drop-down menu.
  • Disappearing messages can be accessed by tapping on them.
  • When prompted, select CONTINUE.
  • Select Off from the drop-down menu.
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How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number or SIM

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Consider the possibility of being able to use WhatsApp without a phone number or a SIM card. Two tried and tested methods of using this extremely popular messaging system on your Android tablet, iPad, PC, and even on your mobile phone that does not have a SIM card will be covered in this post, so keep reading.

How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number or SIM

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How do I Download and Install WhatsApp

If you don't have a phone number or SIM card, you can use WhatsApp.

In addition to the methods described above, we have tested two additional methods of using WhatsApp without a phone number or SIM card, and you are welcome to experiment with both of them and choose the method that is most convenient for you.

Before we proceed with either of the two methods, you must first understand the prerequisites for using WhatsApp without a phone number or a SIM card, which are listed below.

  • If you don't already have WhatsApp installed on your tablet, phone, or computer, do so now.

    Read Now: How to Download and Install Whatsapp

  • If you have already downloaded and installed WhatsApp on your device, check to see if you have yet verified WhatsApp.

  • If you have already verified WhatsApp, you can remove your current phone number from the app by uninstalling it and reinstalling it again.

(Method #1) Using TextNow to Verify WhatsApp (Using TextNow to Verify WhatsApp

The first method entails downloading a texting application called TextNow to your phone and using it. It is possible to verify your account using this messaging app, which provides you with a unique phone number that you can enter into WhatsApp.

1. Install TextNow on your mobile device.

Download the TextNow app to your device from the Google Play Store, the iTunes App Store, or the Windows Phone Store, depending on your operating system. If you want to use WhatsApp on your computer, you must first open your Android emulator and search for TextNow in it. If you don't have an Android emulator, you can download one here.

2. Launch the TextNow application and jot down your phone number.

Once the TextNow app has been downloaded to your device, launch it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process. Once the app is installed, make a note of your phone number.

In the event that TextNow does not display your number or if you forgot to write down your number, you can find out your TextNow number by following the steps outlined in this section.

Android: Once the app has been launched on your Android phone, click on the three-line icon located in the top left corner of your Android device, and your phone number should appear.

If you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you can access this feature by selecting the three-line icon located in the top left corner of the device. When you click on the three-line icon, your phone number should appear on the screen.

After opening the app, navigate to the People tab, where you should be able to find your phone number. Windows Phone:

3. Open WhatsApp and enter your phone number to confirm it.

Open WhatsApp on your phone, tablet, or computer and follow the steps 3.1 to 3.5 in the following section once you have written down your TextNow number.

3.1. Enter your TextNow number into the WhatsApp messaging app.

Once you have agreed to the WhatsApp terms and conditions, you will be prompted to enter your phone number. Choose your country from the drop-down menu when prompted to enter your number. Then type in the TextNow number.

Wait for the SMS Verification to fail before proceeding.

Wait for the SMS verification to fail after 5 minutes. Following a failed SMS verification attempt, you will be prompted to call your phone number. To receive an automated call from WhatsApp, select the Call Me button from the menu bar.

3.3. Obtain your WhatsApp Verification Code

You should be receiving a call from WhatsApp as soon as you launch the TextNow app on your device. When you answer the call, an automated message from WhatsApp will appear, which will repeatedly ask you to enter your verification code. Make a note of the verification number you received.

3.4. Input the Verification Code into WhatsApp.

Now, go to WhatsApp and enter the verification code that you received from the automated call into the application.

3.5. Complete the Setup

Upon entering your verification code, complete the rest of the WhatsApp setup procedure. You have now completed the process of creating a WhatsApp account without providing a phone number.

If this method does not work for you, you can try using another app called textPlus, or you can try the second method listed further down on this page.

The second method is to use an existing landline to verify the WhatsApp account.

Using your existing home phone/landline number to verify WhatsApp will be the second method available to you. You can use WhatsApp without a mobile phone number or SIM card by simply following the steps outlined below.

1. Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

2. Enter your home phone number (landline or cell phone).

Pick your country and then enter your landline or home phone number when prompted to enter your number.

3. Fail if you do not receive a verification SMS.

After approximately 5 minutes, SMS verification will fail, and you will be presented with the option to Call Me to confirm your identity. To receive a call from WhatsApp to your home phone or landline number, select the Call Me option from the drop-down menu.

4. Enter the Verification Code if you have one.

You will receive an automated call from WhatsApp to your landline number at this point in time. An automated voice will repeat your six-digit verification code several times in rapid succession. Make a note of this verification code and enter it into WhatsApp as soon as possible.

5. Complete the Installation and Configuration Process.

Once you have verified WhatsApp on your device, complete the setup process, and you will be able to start communicating with your friends on WhatsApp without having to use your mobile phone number or SIM card as a communication medium.

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How to Download Whatsapp?

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WhatsApp is a popular smartphone messaging service that allows you to connect with other WhatsApp users to send messages and make phone calls. 

WhatsApp is available on both Android and iOS devices. With WhatsApp, there is no limit to the number of characters you can use in your messages, and you can create group conversations to communicate with multiple people at the same time. You can also send pictures and videos through the app.

How to Download Whatsapp?

What you will learn from this guide is as follows:

  • Discovering WhatsApp in the iPhone and Android app stores is straightforward.
  • How to download and instal WhatsApp on an iPhone and an Android device
  • When you first open the app, you will be prompted to register.
  • A brief overview of the features of WhatsApp is provided below.

Installing WhatsApp on a mobile device

  1. Open your phone's app or play store and search for the app. In the search bar, type in the word "WhatsApp." This will launch the WhatsApp Messenger application, which is completely free to use.

  2. Select ‘Install' and then ‘Accept' to grant WhatsApp the permissions it requires in order to function correctly. The download process will be initiated automatically as a result. Please keep in mind that depending on which internet connection you use to download the app, you may be charged for data usage.

  3. When the download is complete, click on the ‘Open' button to launch the app.

  4. You will be asked to confirm your agreement to the Terms of Service. Accepting this will allow you to proceed to the next stage.

  5. You will now be required to confirm your phone number. Enter your mobile phone number and press the "Next" button. When prompted to confirm that this is the number you want to verify, you will have the opportunity to correct any mistakes you may have made earlier in the process. After that, you will receive a text message containing a six-digit verification code. Normally, WhatsApp will recognise this and verify your number, but if it does not, simply type in the code that was sent to your mobile phone.

  6. In the final step, enter the name you would like to appear on your profile. A photo can also be added if desired by tapping on the camera icon and selecting an image from your phone's camera roll to upload.

  7. That's all there is to it! WhatsApp has been successfully installed, and you can now begin configuring it. 

Before you can start sending and receiving messages, you'll need to invite any contacts you want to connect with on the platform.

You can create group chats to communicate with multiple people at the same time, and you can also send photos. To protect your messages, you can back them up to the cloud and archive any conversations that you don't want to see in your chat list. 

You can also personalise your notifications and adjust your privacy settings to determine who has access to what information. Check out our simple guide to using WhatsApp to learn more about how to do all of this and much more.

You should now be able to locate and instal WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android device. You can complete the registration process so that WhatsApp is ready for you to use and personalise right after you finish.

Following the installation of WhatsApp, you may wish to provide yourself with additional options for communicating with your friends and family. You can connect to your emails from your phone by setting up an email account on it. You can also send video messages or use FaceTime to take advantage of all of the features of your smartphone.

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