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How to Change Whatsapp Email Address?

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In recent times the number of people who are searching for How to Change Whatsapp Email Address? has increased gradually. In this article we are about to explore; is it possible to change the email address that is associated with your WhatsApp Account.

To address this question I took some time to research on the internet and I figured out that WhatsApp is not linked to an email address primarily rather it is linked to an active mobile number. It is observed that it is not required to change the email address when it is not at all associated with it.

However, two-step verification for the two-step authentication process has the option to add an Email address and change it later. However, this e-mail address is exclusively used for validating for authenticating the access of the WhatsApp account from a new device.

If you are still looking forward to knowing the probability of how to change Whatsapp email id, I would say it is only for the two-step authentication process and not related to your account or profile.

How to change Whatsapp email address

Why No Email Address is Associated with Whatsapp Account?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that works on VoIP Technology. The application is designed to primarily work Smartphones and Tablets as a mobile application. 

It is not an email client. WhatsApp uses the International standard mobile number as a primary authentication factor to validate the active number. 

Validating the acting phone number be service used by the end-user is made sure that no duplicate or dummy profiles are created that may potentially harm the business model of the complete process. 

Considering the data security and integrity of the users at the utmost care validation authentication and the end to end encryption the Technologies that WhatsApp has adopted towards the security of data.

Because the primary validation happens through a mobile number there is no necessity of adding an email address as a secondary factor to authenticate the user.

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How to Change Email of WhatsApp Two-step Verification of Android

Before we proceed to change the email address of your WhatsApp account for the two-step verification process need to make sure that you have an active email address that is already added. In case of not having an active email address, we will not be able to receive the pin code that will be delivered, and hence the application will fail again. 

To complete the process hassle-free, it is a brilliant idea to make sure that you double-check the email address that is already registered. 

Now it is the time for you to act on. Simply follow the steps given below and you'll end up having their requirement completed immediately.

If you are trying to add the email address for the first time, please follow the steps to add an authentication email address.

  1. Check for the Whatsapp icon on your phone dashboard and tap on it

    Whatsapp logo icon on Phone Tray or Dashboard

  2. Tap on the three vertical dots on your screen

    Tap on the three vertical dots on your screen

  3. Tap settings option in the listed menu

    Tap settings option in the listed menu
  4. Tap on the Account option

    Tap on the Account option
  5. Select the option Two-Step Verification

    If you get the option to enter the PIN, it maybe you have a business account.

  6. If you get the option to enter the PIN, it maybe you have a business account.
  7. Continue to enter the PIN and Confirm the PIN
  8. Now You will be required to fill the email address. Just enter the valid email address

    Enter Email address for whatsapp account

  9. Confirm the email address by entering again.

    Confirm email address in whatsapp

  10. Now the confirmation window will be displayed. 

    Email Address Added to the Whatsapp Account

  11. The Authentication email address is added.

To change the email address, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Check for the Whatsapp icon on your phone dashboard and tap on it.
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots on your screen
  3. Tap settings option in the listed menu
  4. Tap on the Account option
  5. Select the option Two-Step Verification
  6. Click on change the Email address
  7. Enter your new email id
  8. Confirm the email id by entering the same.

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I hope the information shared here regarding how to change the Whatsapp email address was helpful and resolved your issue. Please do not forget to share this content with your social networks and hence they will be benefited too.

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How to Convert Low Quality Photo to High Quality in Few Seconds for Free?

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Have you ever wondered How to Convert Low Quality Photo to High Quality in Few Seconds?. that too for free?

Couple of Months ago, I happen to see one of my photo that was taken around 15 years back. Immediately after looking at the photo, I was emotional and was curious to see the clear picture of the old image. Because the photo is hard copy I tried to take a photo using my smartphone. However the photo was not as clear as it was in the real photograph. 

I was curious to have a look at the low quality image to high quality. This is when I started to look for an application or a service that can convert my existing old low quality photographs into good quality photograph. In other words, convert low resolution photo to high resolution

Unfortunately I did not get one such application. In recent times I started using Tik Tok for learning new things in day to day life. One of the Tiktok fame user introduced me to a free application named ReMini Photo Enhancer.

Application does exactly what it says. It converted my old photo into a new photo with a quality that is really visible. I was highly impressed by the quality of activity and I thought I would like to share it in my platform here.

Remini Photo Enhancer - Convert Your Low Quality Photo to High Quality Photo in Few Seconds

About Remini Photo Enhancer

Remani make the old photos that are captured using old cameras into clear picture with good quality. Uses the latest technology in the artificial intelligence field to bring the real-time high quality industry standard images in your day to day life. 

From the year of its launch from 2019 the application publisher claims that more than a million photos that are damaged low quality blurred are converted into high quality images.

You too can install the application and experience the similar service that is offered for free with restrictions and trial product.

How to Convert Low Quality Photo into High Quality

The first and basic step is to install an application that has the functionality to convert photo quality. Please follow the instructions given below to install the Remini Application. All you need to do is to browse the photo to upload and download it when done. 
  • Visit Google Play Store
  • Search for Remini Photo Enhancer
  • Install the App on Your Phone
  • Sign up for the free account
  • Upload your old photo and get the enhanced photo for free. 
I hope the information shared here was use full. Share this article with your friends and family members and more than emotionally to be attached with their old photographs with high quality content.
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Can I Forward a Whatsapp Message to Email?

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I was recently browsing through whats app and I suddenly thought Can I Forward a Whats app Message to Email? 

Immediately I selected a particular message and shocked to see, I did not have an option to forward my whats app message to my email. Hence, decided to write this article. After reading this, you will be able to understand weather it is possible to forward a Whats app message to an email or not.

Can I Forward a Whatsapp Message to Email

How to Forward Whatsapp Messages to Email?

The direct answer for the above option is no. However, there are other solutions that may potentially support your requirements partially. Even though we will not be able to forward individual messages to email, we can forward the chat history of an individual person or a group to your preferred email.

  • Open Whatsapp and select the individual person or a group
  • Tap on the Menu Button
  • Tap on More Button 
  • Tap on Email chat Option
  • Choose weather you want to attach the media
All the chat history will be attached as a text file to your email address.

Note: Every email client has their own restrictions in attaching a file. If the file size is heavy,  the email can't be sent. Hence, you prefer not to attach media while exporting the document to email.

When media is selected, up to 10,000 latest messages will be exported. However, if you select not to attach media up to 40,000 latest messages can be exported.

Moreover, we all know that whatsapp uses end to end encryption technology. In this technology methods, connecting or interacting with third party application is not supported. Hence, it will be impossible to configure whatsapp messages to forward automatically to an email client or other application.

If you find it difficult to use whatsapp on your android or iPhone, you may prefer to use whatsapp option that is offered officially. 

You may watch the same content on Youtube in the embedded video below:

Please follow the steps given below to use WhatsApp Web

  1. Visit 
  2. Open your Whatsapp Application on your phone
  3. Tap the three dot vertical button 
  4. Select whatsapp Web from the available option
  5. A QR Code scanner will automatically open.
  6. Scan the QR code that is displayed on your whatsapp Web Window
  7. You will be able to use Whatsapp Web now
Note: You need to have your smartphone handy to continue to use whatsapp.


I hope I tried to explain the concept using the practical challenges in the topic Can I Forward a Whats app Message to Email? If you are aware about any other option, you can suggest the idea in the comment section. I will be more than happy to add it to the above content. 

Please feel free to share this content to your friends. Add your comment below if you have some. 
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Chinese Apps Banned in India - A Complete List of 59 Android and iOS Applications

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Chinese Apps Banned in India accounts to a total number 59. These applications were available in Android Play Store and iTunes Store and they were removed completely by the Central Government of India as they were sharing important information to china. 

59 Chinese banned apps list in India

You can find the Chinese Apps Lists Banned in India below:

  1. TikTok,
  2. Shareit,
  3. Kwai UC Browser ,
  4. Baidu map,
  5. Shein,
  6. Clash of Kings,
  7. DU battery saver,
  8. Helo,
  9. Likee,
  10. YouCam makeup,
  11. QQ Newsfeed,
  12. Mi Community,
  13. CM Browsers,
  14. Virus Cleaner,
  15. APUS Browser,
  16. ROMWE,
  17. Club Factory,
  18. Newsdog,
  19. Beauty Plus,
  20. WeChat,
  21. UC News,
  22. QQ Mail,
  23. Weibo,
  24. Xender,
  25. QQ Music,
  26. Bigo Live,
  27. SelfieCity,
  28. Mail Master,
  29. Parallel Space,
  30. Mi Video Call – Xiaomi,
  31. WeSync ,
  32. ES File Explorer,
  33. Viva Video – QU Video Inc,
  34. Meitu ,
  35. Vigo Video ,
  36. New Video Status,
  37. DU Recorder,
  38. Vault- Hide,
  39. Cache Cleaner,
  40. DU App studio,
  41. DU Cleaner ,
  42. DU Browser,
  43. Hago Play With New Friends,
  44. Cam Scanner,
  45. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile,
  46. Wonder Camera,
  47. Photo Wonder,
  48. QQ Player ,
  49. We Meet,
  50. Sweet Selfie,
  51. Baidu Translate,
  52. Vmate ,
  53. QQ International,
  54. QQ Security Center,
  55. QQ Launcher,
  56. U Video ,
  57. V fly Status Video,
  58. Mobile Legends,
  59. DU Privacy,

Details of Banned Chinese Apps in India

Fineprint: Mike Pompeo lauds India's Chinese apps ban | India bans 59 Chinese apps

Mike Pompeo lauds India's ban on 59 Chinese apps, says 'move will boost India's sovereignty'

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Spiro Little Big Tools - Arts and Design Android Apps

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Little Big Tool powered by Ninvus concept. Spiro gives all publics an experience of drawing. Best ally for the big and the poor artists. Fractals, shapes, mandalas ... It's all true. Discover your artist within and share your designs with the world at large.

• Faults. Use the main tool Spiro to easily design and build fractals, select branch number and let's draw.

• Tweets. You can create your very own mandala designs with Spiro. Use the choice to draw symmetrics and let's do it.

• Stack. The pattern maker is another possibility Spiro provides, it's never been simpler, pick the pattern option and unleash your imagination. Combine materials and textures for designs exclusive to them.

Spiro Little Big Tools

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