WordPress Mobile App Tutorial | Best Blogging App for ipad, iOS and Android

A free and easy WordPress Android App Tutorial by Amudhakumar will help you to use WordPress mobile app on your android device and iOS device on the go. As the usage of mobile devices has increased, the mobile app usage for any service is essential. Having been understood the importance of being on par with the technology, WordPress for Android and WordPress for iOS was launched.

If you have already installed the WordPress app on your android or iOS device, continue reading the guide. If you are new to WordPress and needs help to install the application, please read my step by step instructions to install WordPress mobile App.

Hope you have the WordPress app installed. Let us discuss the common features of the android and WordPress ios app.

WordPress Mobile App Dashboard

The WordPress mobile app dashboard has four major functions. Switch Site, Stats, Publish, Configuration and External.

wordpress mobile app dashboard
WordPress mobile app dashboard

Switch Site

The switch site option allows you to select preferred WordPress website | self-hosted WordPress website from the list of blogs on your WordPress account. The stats are displayed for the respective blog you choose from the switch site option.


The stats tab on WordPress mobile app displays four segments of your WordPress blog. They are Views (Page Views), Visitors, Likes, and Comments. You have the option to filter these statistics report on the basis of days, Weeks, Months and Years.

Understanding Insights  Tabs Under Stats in WordPress Mobile App

The insights tab provides the detailed overview of your blog and the recent stats. The insights tab provides details on:

  • Latest Post Summary (views, Likes, and Comments).
  • Today’s stats (Views, visitors, likes and comments)
  • All time posts, views, and visitors.
  • Most popular day and hour.
  • Other recent stats.
  • Tags and Categories.
  • Followers and
  • Publicize (Facebook, Twitter and more).

If you need the total number of posts on your WordPress blog or self-hosted WordPress blog, you can refer to the  All time posts, views and visitors section. It will show you total posts, total views, total visitors and best views ever with date and year.

wordpress mobile app stats and insights section
WordPress mobile app stats and insights section


The next section we are going to explore is the Publish Option. The publish section comprises of 4 major divisions. They are:

  • Blog Post – An overview of the summary of all posts on your blog. it allows you to edit, Preview, Publish and delete your blog post from your mobile device (android | iOS).
  • Media – Allows you to view all the media files. It displays the number of files, allows you to search the media files and add new pictures to your blog right from your WordPress mobile  app.
  • Pages – Allows viewing the different pages on your website. You can create a new page, edit, view, and trash from this section.
  • Comments –  This section allows you to view the comments under different categories like All, Pending, Approved, Trashed and Spam.

Configuration: Settings

The settings section has your login credentials. You can also feed HTTP username and HTTP password (Optional). You can also remove any WordPress site from your WordPress account. All you need to do is just click on “Remove Site” button and click “ok” to confirm. The site will be removed.

External: View Site and View Admin

The “View Site” if selected will take you to your WordPress blog for which you are currently checking stats for. The option “View Admin” will take you to the admin login page(wp-admin).

Now that we have covered all the section under the WordPress dashboard tab. If you feel that any portion or section is left out without addressing, please do let us know via posting a comment. Will add the details as soon as possible.

Tab 2: WordPress Discover – WordPress Mobile Application

WordPress discover is a blog post alerts notified by WordPress to its users. Whenever a new blog post is published, the WordPress will check whether it meets its quality guidelines. If yes, the post will be shared under the discover section. The content of the post may be or may not be related to your niche.

wordpress mobile app discover followed sites postes i like
WordPress mobile app discovers followed sites posts I like

The discover option in WordPress mobile app contains the details like “Followed Sites” and “Posts I Like“. The former is the list of sites where you opted to follow and the later is the posts you liked that were suggested by WordPress discover feature. The discover option comes with a search option. This helps to search the posts suggested by WordPress discover.

Settings: The settings option under discover helps you to organize your followed sites and posts I like by tags or keywords or using specific URL.

Tab 3: The Profile and Settings Option

This section deals with your profile information, account settings, app settings, notification settings, Help and Support and Disconnect from WordPress.com. The profile picture is directly retrieved from the Gravatar profile image. If you prefer, you can change the gravatar displayed in this tab.

My Profile: my profile section contains the option to edit/modify the First name, last name, public display name and About me. To edit the values in these fields, just tap on the respective attribute, a pop-up window will appear. Just change the values and click ok. The latest information will be updated.

Account Settings: The account settings section contains information related to a username, email address, primary site and web address. The username is read only. You will not be able to change | modify username on your WordPress account. The next section is Email Address. You can change the email address by tapping on the field. Enter the new email address and hit “ok“. The changes will be saved. The Primary Site tab allows you to choose which is the primary site for your WordPress account. This does not display the self-hosted website. Just select the website and click “ok“.  The last and final tab is “Web Address”. The website provided in this section will be used publically when you comment.

App Settings: The available options in this section are: Interface Language, Send Statistics, Editor, pin lock (Turn PIN lock on and Change PIN). The change PIN will be enabled only when a PIN is set for WordPress mobile app. The Editor tab allows you to enable or disable visual editor for WordPress app. About the App, the header contains two options. WordPress for Android and Open Source Licenses. When you tap on the WordPress for android, it will show the current version installed on our phone. You can read the privacy policy and terms of service from here.

Notification Settings

As the name says it, it deals with the options related to WordPress mobile app notification. All your WordPress sites will be listed under “Your Sites” section. You can customize the notification settings for each of your blogs in this section by tapping on them.

The notification types are of three types. You can control the “Notification tab” of each WordPress site | blog. Customize Enable email notification and App notifications. All the three notification types has the following customization:

  • Comments on my site
  • Likes on my comments
  • Likes in my posts
  • Site Follows
  • Site Achievements
  • Username Mentions

Any other comments will be under “Other” section. You can personalize the email notification from WordPress. The tips and tricks directly from WordPress are directly delivered to your email address by enabling suggestions. By enabling the Research options, you get the opportunity to take part in the wordpress.com research and surveys. The community option allows you to receive information on wordpress.com and events.

With the WordPress app for android and iOS, you have the complete control over publishing tools under your control. You can compose and publish your content on your WordPress blog from anywhere. You can publish while you travel and while you are having a cup of coffee or lunch.

Sights and Sounds: You can choose between vibrate and blink notification light under this section. The vibrate option will be turned off if you place your mobile in silent mode.

WordPress Mobile App Help and Support

The help and Support section provides access to contact WordPress by selecting “Contact Us”. This option enables helps us to send an email to WordPress team with a single click. For any questions that need clarification, you can click on “Browse Our FAQ” section.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) has the answers in following sections:

  • General
  • Login/SignUp
  • Get Started with WordPress
  • Publish Posts and Pages
  • My Account
  • My Sites
  • Images, Videos, and Audio

You can also search the help center by using a keyword in this section.

The “Disconnect From WordPress” section allows you to remove the link to your account with WordPress.

Notifications WordPress Mobile App

The notification sections provide the summary of all the comments (Read and Unread), likes, and follows. You can filter by these values by tapping on the respective headers.

WordPress for Android

Write new posts for your WordPress blog, edit content, and manage comments with built-in notifications, all on your Android device.

WordPress for iOS

WordPress for iOS is the app that lets you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. With support for both self-hosted WordPress (3.6 or higher) and WordPress.com, users of all experience levels can get going in seconds.

Amudhakumar is a passionate blogger and writes for Appnol.com. He graduated from Sainik school and holds a Bachler’s Degree in computer science. Holds 6 years of experience in leading MNC’s like Accenture, CSS Corp, and Amazon India.

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