Where to Download Whatsapp For Android?

Would you like to know from where to Download Whatsapp For Android? When it is easy for downloading WhatsApp from Google Play Store, we still have other ways of installing Whatsapp on your smartphone or tablet.

I have discussed three possible ways to download and install Whatsapp messenger.

Download Free Messenger for Android From Whatsapp.com official page

If you are an android mobile user, you can download the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store. However, you need to know that update notification you receive in Android notification bar is not the latest update. The latest update will be available on the .apk file downloaded from the official Whatsapp download page.

Simply visit Whatsapp Download Page and select your mobile model. You will be taken to the respective download page. You can download and install the app on your smartphone.

Note: As you are downloading from the source that is outside Google Play Store, it will show a notification to allow installation from third party source. Give ok and start installing the app.

Once the downloading is complete, you can install the .pk file and start using it. You will also receive regular notification in the notification bar if you have any update available in the future.

Where to Download Whatsapp For Android
Where to Download Whatsapp For Android

Free Messenger Download for Android From Google Play Store App

If you do not prefer to download the app from whatsapp.com,  you can do it from Google Play Store App. All you need to do is, just open the menu in your smartphone and navigate to the Google Play Store App. Open it and select the “Apps” section. Now start typing WhatsApp messenger in the search box. You will receive the suggestion below. Click on the Whatsapp Logo. Now, select the download option. Once the file is downloaded, click on install button.

Now, WhatsApp messenger is installed on your mobile and start using the service.

Messaging App for Android Free Download From Your Computer

If you do not have access to your smartphone and you have access to your computer with internet connection, you can install WhatsApp on your phone. It is same as installing the app from your mobile. Instead, we are using the computer and the app will be installed remotely when the mobile is connected to the internet. Find the steps below to install WhatsApp on a smartphone from computer.

Visit Google Play Store and start searching for WhatsApp in the search box. You will get the suggestion as Whatsapp messenger. Click on the suggestion and select the one with Whatsapp logo. Click on green color install button. Now, you are done. Once your mobile is connected to the internet, the WhatsApp application will be installed automatically.

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